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Albany, NY - "Last chance for good pizza"

The train run to Albany was about two days, because we had to go up through Ohio and then cross near the lakes to get to that city. The weather was rainy and cold for the entire run, so I didn't take any pictures (those I did take came out blurry and wet).

During the run I spent time on Quora when we had internet, watched a few movies, cooked...the usual stuff really.
Once we arrived the train was cut into about three pieces (cut = cars are separated to sit alongside each other on separate tracks rather than end to end). I don't recognize this yard from the last time...it's full of grey gravel that creates grey mud. Otherwise, nothing to distinguish it :P

Looking back on my entry from 2012, I was able to see the state museum and poke around some local businesses. This time the weather pretty much doused my activities :P It was rainy and cold for most of the week. We did have an elephant brunch in front of the arena! (Yellow arrow = my boss Brett). CLICK HERE to see more pictures of the event!


After the brunch Brett took me to meet a former trombonist and his family for lunch at a nearby hole-in-the-wall with fantastic sandwiches. We had a lot of visitors this week, including John, a trumpet player who has subbed with us recently, and yet another former trombonist and his family! I am very sorry that I can't recall everyones' names! But it was awesome to meet new people and see familiar faces as well :)

Some Blue Unit peeps came to one of our shows too! I finally got to meet Kathryn, the newest member of the Blue Unit band. She and I are the only female musicians currently. Team Pink! :D

On Friday during the split, Brett treated us to a trip to Trader Joe's. I stocked up on dried fruits and organic soups for Mexico. Thanks Brett! Saturday went pretty normally, three shows, nothing to write home about. Oh, except that Tom's wife made us a fantastic derby pie!

After the Saturday shows we hopped over to The City Beer Hall to celebrate our last week with Harden, our current trumpet sub. He's an absolute professional and a kicka$$ musician. It's been a pleasure, and I wish he wouldn't leave!!!

On Sunday I treated myself to pizza from Sapienza on the corner. It's a great little spot with huge NY-style slices starting at $2. This'll be the last real NY pizza until we go back east in the fall.

The first show on Sunday went smoothly. Our 'drummer' plant was MIA for the band gag, so Alex had to pull a regular Joe from the audience and improvise something (this has happened once before, it's kinda fun). This time he made the guy conduct us.

(photo courtesy Jameson)

The rest of Sunday is something of a blur. Partway through the first show we received news of an accident on the Blue Unit involving multiple dancers. We went through the motions and finished the show, although everyone was worried. After that show we had a brief meeting, mostly to acknowledge the incident and keep everyone calm and practicing Safety First no matter what.

By the second show news of the accident had been broken on several major news sources. You could tell that our audience knew. It was very eerie...they were silent, frighteningly silent. To me it felt like the acts went more quickly than usual, like we were trying to get out from under all of these silent eyeballs just staring at us as we performed. I was glad when that show ended.

From what I understand at this time, everyone on the Blue Unit will be OK, and that's definitely the most important thing right now (it has been less than 12 hours since the accident).

That is literally all I know. Several media outlets are reporting on the story; all you have to do is Google 'Ringling' right now and you'll see what happened. The first to report on the accident was the Providence Journal, as they seem to have had a reporter in the audience.

Next the Red Unit travels to Columbus, OH. I remember this being a pretty awesome city, and I'm definitely looking forward to a second visit.

Other stuff:

Train crew seems to have a new mascot...