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Fairfax, VA

I was fortunate to be able to spend the two weeks in Fairfax at Jameson's parents' house. The train is parked in Anacostia again, and that's an hour bus ride to and from the arena. But Jameson's parents live only a few minutes from the arena, plus I get to sleep in a real bed and eat Jameson's Mom's fantastic home cooking. Really counting my blessings over here!!

This is adorable little Mo standing next to a spruce that the Boyces planted in their yard this week. :)

On our days off, I mostly just relaxed. We did a little shopping here and there, watched Chopped and a Brian May/Kerry Ellis concert blu ray, and went to a little league ball game to watch Jameson's cousin play (he hit a grand slam!). We ate out for lunch one day at Le Pain Quotidien. They serve simple but delicious food. I had an arugula and smoked salmon salad with grilled beets and a peppery dressing. Their bread is house made and has a wonderful freshness and texture.

(photo courtesy yelp)

The arena this week is the Patriot Center on the George Mason University campus. I remember it well because there's a grocery right across the street and of course being on a college campus, there are a lot of food options. It's all about food with me :P It's very convenient to be able to hop over to the student union building for a meal between shows.

This was where I got to play my first shows with the circus. I was scared! But Brett was very patient with me, and made it clear that I wasn't expected to play perfectly by the end of the first week. That was good to know as I bombed pretty hard the first several days :P

Crowds this first week were a bit disappointing. I wonder if the low attendance is due to spring break, or perhaps has something to do with Easter coming up? The Feld family came to our Thursday night show; I hope they weren't disappointed by the turnout. Their presence means that soon we'll be hearing rumors about the theme for next year's new show. How exciting!!!

On Friday there was a split, and I used the time between shows to return to the train and water my plants, plus pick up a few things I forgot. Like power cords for all of my electronics. DUH. I returned to campus as soon as possible to walk around and enjoy the sun. Spring weather is finally here. The grass has come up and trees are flowering and the sun is shining. It's a really nice change. Finally!


Saturday was the typical three shows, and Sunday we had two at 1 and 5pm. The night show was awesome, mainly because Tim was conducting and so Brett was playing trumpet on our side of the bandstand...that in itself is awesome, but what was REALLY awesome was when Brett failed to show up during the second half. We found out why when the "Clowns Got Talent" act started...he was one of the "judges"!! It was hilarious. There aren't any pictures yet, but if there are I'll post 'em. Totally made my day to see my boss do the robot.

After the shows the Felds threw a party for us to thank us for dealing with the stressful schedules earlier in the year. Jameson and I chose not to go, as he wasn't feeling well and I had to pack for another trip to the train on Monday (the state of Utah has decided that I owe them $3000 for some unknown reason, so I needed to get my tax paperwork. Hooray).

I'm looking forward to the next three days off(!) and another week of shows here in lovely Fairfax :)
Happy Palm Sunday everyone!!

Other stuff:

An article on the new 46-acre Feld Studios facility in Ellenton, FL. CLICK HERE to read.
An informative article on the bull hook and how it's used. CLICK HERE and take a look!

Did you know?
Many circus performers stay after hours to rehearse or work on abilities that they don't get to showcase on the job. Here some performers work on the aerial silks, while one of our clowns does a little yoga.

(photo courtesy rollergirlderby)

Our ringmaster float broke down this week, and we did a few shows without it. Luckily Rob fixed it like a boss.
A painting of the band by a circus fan. Awesome!

Typical circus traffic jam.

(photo courtesy Oscar)