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I woke up this morning with the train gently rocking. They were still assembling the cars, but seems like we got a good driver this time because the movement wasn’t jerky at all.

Once we got moving, I climbed down from my bunk and lifted the shade on the window, and was greeted by a beautiful lake surrounded by trees. No houses to be seen.

I put the coffee on, made an egg and some toast, and enjoyed breakfast watching the scenery roll by.

Train runs are one of the very best things about this job.

I’m sorry to keep raving about the circus, but I love it and it’s still sinking in that this is REAL.
I love this work so much, it’s not work.
Someone has handed me this most heartbreakingly beautiful gift, and I can never deserve it.

The bottom line is, I wish EVERYBODY could come with me!
Everyone should get a chance to experience this, for at least a month.
There are things I get to see that can’t be captured in photos.
(Mostly because I suck at taking pictures lol)

I’ve been here about a month and it’s going great. Sometimes we are in a boring city with nothing to do, like Springfield, OH two weeks ago. The show took place in Dayton, but the train was parked in Springfield and though I walked for probably about 10 miles throughout the city, I found not a thing to do or see. No restaurants, parks, shops, internet, no phone service even. And they call it a city? Psh.

The point, though, is that I have the freedom to discover new places every week, and it’s wonderful :)

I’ve decided a fun thing to do will be to pick up one locally-made food in each new place. Some cities are known for or specialize in certain foods, but if there isn’t a ‘trademark’ food I think bread will be a good go-to. Bread is usually reasonably priced, can be frozen or shared, and contains ingredients unique to the place where it’s baked.

There are of course downsides to the circus too. I hate it when people get hurt. So far it’s the hardest part of the job. Especially as a musician or a clown, it’s painful to continue playing or performing while someone’s hurt. I know it’s bound to happen, and it makes me sad and apprehensive. But that’s the gig.
Sharing the bathroom/shower is tough, and so is not having a car. But for now, these are small inconveniences.

The train’s moving at a good clip now…time to go out on the vestibule and take pictures!