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Richmond, VA...again...?

After the Raleigh shows I got to a hotel and slept for like 10 hours. I needed that.
The next day I continued driving to Vienna, VA where Jameson's parents live.
The house is new and beautiful, with a big fenced-in yard for the dogs. Deer and fox come right up to the fence!

Jameson's Mom made us "McRibs" using a recipe from a website. I don't eat McRibs often enough to know how they compared to the real thing, but it was certainly delicious!

We watched Chopped together and played with Moe (a small mixed breed dog) and Addison, the new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. She is ADORABLE, is she not??

The next day we had beef stew for lunch, then said our goodbyes and headed back to the train.
For the first time, we are in a train yard that I've been to before!
That's right, we were already in Richmond back in 2013!
The yard was much muddier then, as you can see from the first pic in that post. Since then, they've put gravel in. Super thankful for that!!

I opened the door to my room to discover that one of my houseplants had broken on the floor. Apparently it was a rough run!


Opening day went well. There were more people than I expected to see, considering that we were just here a year ago (typically a circus unit will only pass through any given city once every two years). During the split on Thursday I was able to explore parts of the James River Park. There's an entrance to it right next to the train; I had wanted to see it last time we were through, but it had been too rainy. This time the weather was cold but sunny, very pleasant.

On Friday we enjoyed a late start, with shows at 3pm and 7pm.
Over the weekend we had our fourth 6-pack in a row, making it to show 499.
Great job everybody!!!
Crowds were surprisingly good. Thanks for coming out to see us again Richmond!

As the train prepared to leave, a storm system hit, dumping several inches of snow.
Luckily Jameson and I had driven ahead to a hotel in NC, so we avoided the nasty weather and only encountered a bit of rain. Today we are in Charleston, SC waiting on the train, which is expected to arrive on Tuesday morning.
The Charleston schedule is a bit lighter, so I am looking forward to resting. And exploring!!!