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Miami, FL Week 2

We started the week with three whole dark days! Wow!
I mostly spent the time running errands, but there were a few interesting moments.
For one thing, the stained glass window clings that I worked so hard on were unuseable. When I finally removed the clings from the wax paper, the marker that I had used to trace had bled, leaving marks in the clear portions.

Not one to be thwarted by such a crummy mistake, I remade the 'lead' outlines using a different tracing and filled in the color like before. I had to use a different brand of transparent fill for the large 'clear glass' sections. That was a horrible mistake. The new paint was WAY too runny, and it lifted the outline right off of the plastic, ruining the whole shebang. So...I think I'll take a break from painting for now :/

After that frustrating ordeal, I went looking for iguanas to photograph. Finally found a big one sunning himself trainside. By moving slowly I was able to get pretty close.


Like a little dinosaur :)

Jameson took me for sushi at Matsuri that night. I think we were both expecting standard Americanized fare. What we got was something special. Jameson ordered "Mr. Bush's 3:00pm: tuna tartar, cucumber & avocado in wasabi mayo with something on top". "Something on top"??

Confusing, funny, and delicious!
I got the "Invitation from the White House: tuna-avocado, salmon-cucumber, hamachi-scallions & snapper-masago
all topped with teriyaki sauce are the four tasty, charcoal-boiled sushi rolls that create this presidential delight

VERY good, very worth it if you are ever near South Beach!

Wednesday night turned out to be a little hectic...Tim, our sax player, suffered a broken tooth and a split lip when a part of the train unexpectedly smacked him in the face (he was HIT BY A TRAIN!!!! haaaaa!). We were able to find a dentist who was willing to stay open for us (it was after 6:30pm), and he got the tooth capped only about 30 minutes later. The split lip, on the other hand, meant that a sub was needed for several days. So we had two subs, one on trumpet and one on sax.

Brett moved me to a spot between them, so that I could whack them with a newspaper and yell "BAD!" if they messed up. Just kidding :P They did a great job, learned quickly, and were a lot of fun to work with.

After the morning show everyone involved in elephant walk had to go get a TB test, because humans can transmit the disease to elephants and vise versa. TB tests involve a brief poke under the skin with a needle containing tuberculin. As I was waiting in line for this procedure, I tried not to freak out. I HATE needles. Several people ahead of me changed their minds about taking the test for the same reason. But to do the elephant walk, this was necessary. So I did it, and closed my eyes like a baby, and hated it, then went back to the train to eat lunch.

Receiving a late Christmas present improved my mood greatly. My Aunt Nicole got me a very awesome magnetic spice rack from Gneiss Spice. I've stuck it to the wall above my cooking counter.
It's definitely saving me some shelf space!

This weekend was our first six pack of 2014. It went well/without incident. Tim's lip healed in time for him to rejoin us for all six shows. On Sunday night we celebrated with a punch party. It's just what it sounds like: a bucket of jungle juice + circus folk + train yard = a crazy ol' time :D

We have one show on Monday, after which I'll be driving overland to Nashville.
Regrets that there won't be any photos from the train for a while. But driving will be a good experience, too :)

Other stuff:

On January 13, 1994, the Blue Unit train derailed outside Lakeland, FL. Two people were killed, and several were injured. Ten years later, it's a grim reminder to circus folk of the dangers of living on a train, and for those who were there, the warmth and compassion of complete strangers.

Mr. Feld gives Fortune Magazine an interview about some of his personal habits for his on-the-go lifestyle. CLICK HERE to read.

Another awesome behind-the-scenes Legends video!

Our train got a much needed bath this week:

A PR with members of the Danguir Troupe, and appearances by the clowns and Baby the elephant :)

(photos courtesy Alicia)