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Albany, NY

Albany is pretty awesome!

On Thursday we had a split (early and late shows with breaks in between), so during the break I walked around the city. It's a pretty nice and clean place, with FANTASTIC pizza :D

Last night some of us went out to a bar around the corner. It was too loud, but it was nice getting to hang out with people "outside of work".

There's lots of beautiful architecture here; I didn't take many pictures myself because so many other people have done that for me!

This is "The Egg, it's a performance hall. Kinda looks like a toilet lol.

I went to the New York State Museum with Jason a few days ago. There's a 9/11 exhibit, an Adirondacks display, and of course a "history of New York" section too! (There are more pictures on my facebook).

The SUNY Admin building, formerly a railroad building of some sort. It looks like a castle! (I took this pic)

The Honest Weight Food Coop, an organic food store about 2 miles from our venue. Jason and I walked here today, mostly to look at all the stuff we couldn't afford :P

I love cities like this, with so much to do and see!
After visiting the organic food store, Jason and I found a hole-in-the-wall Thai/Chinese place that was VERY good. The owner was a sweet woman who gave us HEAPS food and pushed us to take some menus with us to share with the circus folk :D

Tomorrow we've got three shows and Sunday is loadout as usual, so today was probably my last day to experience Albany. It was a great time :)