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DITL Circus Edition - "Opening Day"

For my first DITL, I decided to document opening day, that is, our first day of shows in a new city. Enjoy!

WARNINGS: Just one. I work for a circus in which there are performing animals. If you have a strong opinion about the use of animals for entertainment, please do not use this post to express your viewpoint. If you have any questions regarding animals in the circus or any other aspect of circus life, please visit the company website or feel free to pm me personally. I will answer your questions, honestly and openly, to the best of my ability. Thank you.

9:00am: I wake up before my alarm goes off and roll over, trying not to hit any limbs on the ceiling.

Living in an 8 x 7 room on a passenger train, you have to get creative with what space you have.
I climb down from my bed via a countertop.

First thing's first: coffee!

I whip up some Egg Beaters. No stove and no time for the frying pan, so into the microwave they go!

Breakfast today will be rice cakes with the eggs and peanut butter.
I also like chocolate chips to go with my coffee :)

I enjoy watching some mindless drivel while eating breakfast.

10:00am: Nature calls! I step out into the narrow hallway...

About halfway down is the donniker (that's circus slang for 'toilet').

Classy, huh? You should see the shower. (Maybe next time)

10:30am: I get dressed, do the dishes, and sweep the floor.
(you don't need pics of that boring stuff, right?)

Now, do I have everything? Lunch? Backpack full of books and other oddities?

11:15am: The bus leaves at 11:30, but if you get out there early you can get a good seat.

See what I mean? At 11:20 it's standing room only.

It's a short ride to the arena this week; we're there in minutes.
Everyone walks down the ramp together, but as soon as we're inside we go our separate ways.

It's our first day of shows here in Indianapolis.
As is my custom, I open the black band box and grab as many of our stools as I can carry.

Then I go to the music box and grab some of the books: Trumpet, Trombone, Sax, and Key 1.

I navigate the backstage area carrying all the stuff,
being careful not to trip on the bajillion cables lying around.

I put everything where it belongs.

Then I stand in front of the portal and try to record a video so you can see what it looks like.
Unfortunately LJ won't let me embed from facebook?? So here's a photo from under the portal instead.
This is where I work :)

I go back and get the rest of my stuff--two trombones and two stands--and set everything up in my spot.
Welcome to mah office!

Now I am hungry. Time to find the dressing room. After a short walk I see it:

Going inside, it looks pretty typical.

Lunch time! I brought chicken breast, snap peas, raisin bread, and almonds.

12:45pm: There is still some time before Meeting in Seats.
I walk around the backstage area to get familiar with the space.

There is only one water fountain and one bathroom, note to self.
Here you go, a selfie. There is no point in dressing up, I will be changing clothes for the show anyway :P

Some more backstage items: our mailbox, info board, and the elephant tubs lined up nicely.

Oh and these logos all over the walls ;)

1:00pm: Time for Meeting in Seats. This is when we get misc relevant information before our workweek starts.

See those three ladies on the left? They'll be translating everything that's said into Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish for our international performers. In this week's meeting, we learn that there will be a mandatory train safety meeting tomorrow afternoon.

2:15pm: The band does a quick sound check, then we launch into rehearsal.
I'm sorry for the limited number of photos, but I was doing my job and couldn't stop to take pictures!

Apologies also for the lack of elephant photos. I am playing during the entire elephant act.

4:30pm: Rehearsal is over. Dinner time! I brought fish, rice and stir fry (I try to eat healthy)

We've got some time to kill before the show. I work on this post a bit ;)
I've also been reading the Ender's Game series.

My bandmates are also occupied with reading or texting or whatevs.

6:00pm: Preshow starts. I take a peek at the floor. Looks like there will be a good crowd tonight.

I return to the backstage area and pass several clowns waiting for their cue.

6:30pm: It's almost time to go out. I change into black dress pants, a white collared shirt, and my 'disguise' sweater for my role as a plant in the opening number. After the opening I change into a construction vest and tie for our construction-themed show.

6:50pm: Places please!
8:00pm: A short intermission. The first half went well. I drink some water and chat with my buddies.
It IS a pretty good crowd for a weekday.

8:20pm: Back to work!

9:50pm: The show is over. We change back into street clothes. I hitch a ride back to the train with my boss.
It's too dark to take pictures, so here's where I'll end the day. If you'd like to see more, visit my main blog, Goofball on a Train. Hope you enjoyed this little peek at life in the circus band!