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Chicago Is Awesome

Our venue in Toledo, OH was cancelled this week,
so most of us here on the Red Unit got to enjoy an entire week off!!!

I chose to stay in Chicago, because Jameson's parents have a condo downtown,
and Chicago is a pretty rockin' place. Jameson introduced me to his mom, who is awesome.
She came to our last show on Monday and loved it. Then she took us to the condo.
I was stunned...both by the view, and by her fantastic homemade chicken enchiladas!

Over the course of several days, she took us to some AMAZING restaurants!
The Little Goat, where I got to experience Fat Elvis Waffles
(waffles with bacon maple syrup, peanut butter butter, and sliced bananas).

The Scout, where we shared a 12" grilled cheese sandwich!
(other peoples' photos HERE)

Eleven City Diner, where Jameson got his favorite Bloody Mary.

Burger Point, where you can get 6 or 10oz of grass-fed chemical-free beef with a slew of fantastic toppings. They also have chicken, turkey, and veggie burgers. (photo of some burgers HERE)

Last but not least, Waffles, where we enjoyed a seriously fantastic breakfast on Jameson's birthday!
Jameson's mom got chocolate waffles with ice cream, and he and I got a Flight of Waffles!

There were four mini-waffles in the Flight:
Red Velvet w/cream cheese whip, strawberries and walnuts,
Green Tea w/lemon whip, ginger & pistachio,
Mexican Chocolate w/orange whip, candied orange and spicy cocoa,
and Leige, a more dense waffle with pearl sugar, white cream and blackberries.

Anyone who knows me knows that I try to eat healthy most of the time. I just want to say, even if you're a health nut, if you're ever in Chicago, don't pass these places by! All the food was fresh and made with REAL ingredients. Every menu had healthier options such as salads, gluten-free, vegan, etc. So no matter what foods you're into, there's something delicious for you here!

In addition to some fantastic food, we also got to see some sights!
We saw the Prairie Avenue mansions, some of which survived the 1871 fire that razed the entire city.
THIS BLOG gives a nice glimpse into this street full of beautiful homes.

We saw the bean of course!

We also stopped by the Lego store in a nearby mall. Woody was there to greet us :)

After Jameson's mom returned home on Thursday, we had several adventures together throughout the week.
We went to the Field Museum to see the 1893 Chicago World's Fair exhibit.
There were original documents relating to Fair expenses, some really cool-looking tickets to some of the Fair's events, and of course original exhibit items. We learned that the Fair was 6 months long, and people were encouraged to spend two weeks visiting in order to see all of the exhibits! We also learned that the cultural exhibits at the Fair were somewhat 'culturally insensitive'...non-western peoples themselves were often put on display and gawked at, and worked for low wages and in unhealthy conditions.

Some intricate beadwork that was displayed at the World's Fair:

There was also a special exhibit about bio-luminescence. Photos weren't allowed, but to be honest there wasn't much to take pictures of. We were both a bit disappointed that the exhibit only included representations...the only living creatures were fish with neon patches below their eyes. Everything else was dead in jars or made of plastic. Kind of a bummer!

But the rest of the museum's displays were impressive,
including the Hall of Gems and a lovely section exclusively for jade.

Jameson took this picture of me next to Sue, the most complete T-rex skeleton ever discovered.
I had a wonderful time!!

For the rest of the time we mainly relaxed. There's a heavy week of shows coming up and I think we both wanted to rest up for that. We were also inhibited by the weather over the weekend...tornado warnings, high winds and a nasty thunderstorm kept us indoors watching movies. So...two weeks in Chicago, one in Indiana...and we're done!!!

Also this week:

The 142nd edition of the Blue Unit show, Dragons, closed today in Auburn Hills.
Great job everyone! Looking forward to the new Legends show in 2014!!

(photo courtesy enjoyutah.org)

Meanwhile on the Red Unit, some peeps still had to work!
One of the best PRs of the year right here: a young circus fan battling leukemia gets a bedroom makeover!
Once again our clowns nail the most important job of all :) (CLICK HERE)