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Rosemont, IL Week 2

We started off our second week in Rosemont with two glorious days off.
We would've had these same days off on a train run, but although runs are relaxing, you can't really DO anything on a moving train other than entertain yourself in your room. That's why these two days off are a special treat...we can explore or rest or whatever, and stay stationary :)

The weather was OK so I rode my bike to a shopping plaza containing a Savers, Big Lots, and a Jewel-Osco. In other words, I went thrifting :D Had some surprising good luck at the Savers, finding three like-new sweaters (nice ones, not hoodies!). I skipped Big Lots because I was feeling a bit under the weather, got groceries, and rode home. There are some beautiful suburbs around us. I really enjoyed riding through the falling leaves while admiring peoples' fall decorations <3

Sure enough, I came down with a cold that night.
Spent Tuesday mostly indoors, relaxing and watching movies.
On Wednesday we had a split, starting with a morning educational show. The weather was rainy and windy, and it was a smaller crowd than we'd usually have, but it happens sometimes. During the split I practiced my 'big' trombone and just kinda hung around, reading, relaxing, talking to people. The night show went smoothly as well. Some of the Feld family were in the audience; I hope they were happy with what they saw!

On both Thursday and Friday we only had night shows. I spent those days doing chores, and also took my bike for a spin through the suburbs again. It was very cold, so I didn't stay out long. Also my poor fish finally kicked the bucket on Friday, so I spent a good deal of time sanitizing his aquarium equipment and giving him a funeral (in a dumpster...because our donnikers are not 'real' toilets.) This fish survived traveling to various climates and altitudes on a moving train for almost two years.
Great job little buddy! Your presence will be missed.

On Saturday, as a result of our contract being finalized (finally...only took a year!!), we band members received our first ever meal vouchers! Six bucks actually goes pretty far at the Pie Car. You can get a meal with two sides or a sandwich, side and drink. I'm very grateful that this is now a part of our contract.

I also found out from Mike (crew) that it's called an "Adventure Meal" because these vouchers used to be given out as compensation for participating in Preshow,
which used to be voluntary, and used to be called "the adventure". Neat!

On Sunday our new clowns participated in the 'soap' and 'clowns got talent' gags. They did a great job!
Kelly, Aaron, and Breeze are the clowns who will be leaving us this week.
It's been a pleasure...see y'all down the road!

Monday was Veteran's Day, and we had two morning shows to celebrate. They went well :)
And after that...thanks to a cancelled venue...we've got a WHOLE WEEK OFF!!
I will be spending my week in Chicago at Jameson's parent's place!
Look forward to another exciting post next week!

Before I forget, bread this week is from Chicago-based S. Rosen's, which is actually part of Alpha Baking Co.
Not a small family-owned deal like I normally go for, but the ingredient list was short and it's still tasty by sandwich bread standards. I got a loaf of rye with caraway seeds.
Would have been fantastic toasted if I'd bothered.

Also this week:

Feld's Marketing/Creative Services staff (otherwise known as Aurora) paid us a visit this week.

Some new information out about the new Marvel Universe Live tour:
An article on character designs, and the official facebook page!