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Rosemont, IL Week 1 and Cleveland Hangover

I posted a little early last week, so there's a bit more to add to our Cleveland visit!
The Monday hangover show was G's last show. We are sad to see her go, but she's pursuing other career options so it's a good move and I'm sure everything will work out for her :)
During preshow, someone in the band got a text simply stating that "Brett will be featured in G's last kissing booth". We all went running out to the floor, just in time to catch the magic.

Nice :D

Several Gold Unit performers happened to be passing through our area on the way to Erie, PA. They stayed to watch our show, and afterward we went to the Winking Lizard for a quick drink before load out. It was great to see Gabe and Jeremy, musicians from the Gold Unit!

The train run on Tuesday was pretty typical.
The weather was very nice so I spent some time on the vestibule enjoying the sights and smells of fall.

We'll have some interesting time zone changes, going from Eastern Time to Central, then the time change will happen so we'll gain another hour, but when we come back east we'll lose it again. Wowzers.

At the farmers market in Cleveland I had picked up two medium-sized pumpkins.
Once we arrived in Rosemont, I gutted both of them and set aside the seeds,
then Jameson and I carved 'em!

Pumpkins before carving:

Jameson and his pumpkin making a goofy face!

Our finished pumpkins:

It was raining pretty steadily, so we decided to hold them indoors until Thursday.
Unfortunately Thursday was even rainier! I spent the day Christmas shopping, cleaning, and making pumpkin seeds!
The night before I had boiled the seeds in salt water and left them out to dry.
Then I coated them in oil and butter, and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and garlic.
That NuWave oven sure comes in handy...the seeds were delicious!

On Friday we had rehearsal and a show as usual...and on Saturday, three shows...
I don't recall anything unusual happening, haha. Crowds are very good here in Rosemont.

Because it had been so rainy on Halloween, trick-or-treating for the circus kids was moved to Sunday. Some of the kids had bags of candy bigger than themselves!! Sugar rush anyone??
Sorry I don't have any photos of the kids to share this year :/

After the second show Slick, Tom, Jameson and I went to Giordano's to experience the infamously delicious Chicago-style pizza. It was, shall we say, heavenly :D
(Objects in photo are as delicious as they appear)

VERY tasty stuff. AND I got to share it with THREE handsome men!! WOW <3

We now have two days off before another week of shows here in Rosemont.
Some people are using the time to rest, others are going into Chicago proper to see the sights.
Since I plan to spend a week in Chicago before Thanksgiving,
I will be using my time to ride my bike, rest up, and plan for the holidays.

Also this week:

It has been announced that the Gold Unit will not be taking on the Dragon show.
Instead...well, see for yourself!

The White Tops Magazine July/August edition featuring Built To Amaze is available to view HERE!

Nicole Feld's Built To Amaze pumpkin!

(photo courtesy Nicole Feld's Twitter)

Let's not forget our biggest divas :)