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Cleveland, OH

We arrived in Cleveland a little late,
but early enough for Jameson and I to walk to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame!

(photo courtesy Jameson)

I don't have a particular obsession with rock, but Jameson does and it was fun to go through the exhibits with him giving me little factoids here and there :)

Some items belonging to John Lennon...glasses, DL, Passport, etc.

This David Bowie costume looks heavy! It was used during his Glass Spider tour.

Jimi Hendrix sketched this, the message is clear. Obey Railroad Signals y'all.

We opened on Wednesday, everything went well. It was nice to get up on Thursday knowing there was nowhere in particular to be until nighttime! I spent that day catching up on laundry and grocery shopping. Thrilling stuff, I know, but it needs to be done. The weather was pretty insane--sleet, snow, hail, freezing rain, windy, and thunder/lightning--so even the short 1.5 mile walk to the grocery left me chilled to the bone. Still, it's great to be back east!

The Haunted Clown Car was on Thursday night! Every year the clowns decorate their train car, turning it into a haunted house! This year's haunting featured 3D glasses and blacklights, WOW!!

(photo courtesy Chris)

On Friday I took the light rail to West Side Market. Brian (guitar) had recommended it the week before. I wasn't disappointed! Lots of delicious foods, mostly meat, cheese, breads, and pastries. There was some produce, and a pumpkin stand where I picked up two small pumpkins for carving/eating (stay tuned).

I got this beef pasty for dinner. It was discounted because it had broken while baking. Still delicious!

On Saturday Jameson conducted the first show. I don't have pictures of course because we were all playing, but he did a great job, especially for his first time! And especially since he also had to keep playing keyboard AND triggering sound effects. Sheesh. Now Tim and Jameson have both learned to conduct, so if Brett can't be there, he's got two backups. Cool! Supposedly I'm next. But it takes a lot of courage to get up there and I am not feeling very brave!!!!

This weekend was a six pack, so we plowed through it like usual.
On Sunday night, the sixth show, I decided to try playing my 'big' trombone, a Bach 42A.
It was pretty difficult! A bigger horn wants more air, and the way you have to put it through the horn is different too. I struggled a bit but actually it went better than I expected. Now at least I know what to improve upon in practice. It's funny that I've been playing the larger horn for 10-12 years, but just 2 years on smaller horns has totally revamped how I play :P
It's ok though, this is how you learn stuffs!

For some reason we have a night show on Monday.
It's not a holiday...it's a school night...but anyway we have a show.
Many people are happy to not have to load out after a six pack.
Everyone was happy to get to sleep in today, self included.

Next up is Rosemont, IL. We will be there for two weeks.

Also this week:

New website unveiled for the Blue Unit's 'Legends' show...CLICK HERE

Those of us who ordered Built To Amaze T-shirts and hoodies received them this week!

There was an elephant brunch at the arena, here are PHOTOS and VIDEO.

And here's Bernadette being molested by Siam and Baby.

(photo courtesy Bernadette)