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Salt Lake City, UT

Finally, a wonderful long train run!
We were treated to spectacular mountain scenery on the way out of California.
Rebecca says we were near Tahoe National Forest.

On the second day of the run, I woke up to this spectacular view as we crossed Salt Lake.

Salt flats:

On the right, the lake was clear and beautiful :)

On the left, it was reddish purple and beautiful!

Ashley took this gorgeous photo from her vestibule:

We arrived early for once(!) and had a very rough spotting.
My 35lb bike went skidding across the floor at one point. Other people ended up with broken housewares.
Despite our early arrival, the elephant walk was cancelled. I was bummed, but hopefully there will be another soon!

Salt Lake City has a nice downtown area. People are very friendly, too.
There's a huge Mormon temple that looks like a castle.

On Wednesday I went downtown for a haircut. Jameson and I were looking for a good place to eat that night, and the stylist recommended The Green Pig, so we checked it out. The food was very good! I got a turkey burger with green chili and tomato soup, and Jameson got fish tacos. It was trivia night, so we became team Monkey Knife Fight and did our best, but lost all our points in the end. Jameson literally answered all of the questions, and I just sat there and shrugged a lot and ate chips :P
A good time was had!

I walked and biked to the arena several times this week. We're nice and close and it's only a slight incline, but the altitude made me feel out of shape all the same. Opening rehearsals went well. Catfish is here subbing in for Slick again, whoop whoop! It's good to see him again!

Friday and Saturday were both pretty normal days. Shows went smoothly :)
Sunday was a Slick Sunday. Jameson and Tom brought cookies from Bear Country Cookies. VERY tasty!

For this local bread installment, I got a loaf of Honey Wheat from Gregory's Wheat Shop.
It's a great slightly sweet sandwich bread, a little chewy, VERY good!

Today (Monday) we have an evening show, then we're supposed to get to Denver within 24 hours.
We will be there for two weeks!

Photos from this week:

This week we say goodbye to Ivan, who will be transferring to the Gold Unit.
See you down the road Ivan!!

(photo courtesy Ivan)

Blue unit begins rehearsals for their new show in two months.

(photo courtesy Nicole Feld's twitter)

This week in my hometown, the Bloomsburg Fair wraps up its 158th year.
Wish I could have been there!

This year's giant pumpkin, 837lbs.

I wonder if the sideshow is still running...this photo is from last year.

(photo courtesy anothermonkey.blogspot.com)

Food Porn Alert!!
The Fair wouldn't be The Fair without Kohr's Orangeade, cactus fries, and these other classics!

My parents just got back from a vacation near Atlantic Beach. Looks like they had fun!