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Sacramento, CA

As you could tell from my last post, there were several dark days between San Fran and Sacramento.
Many people took advantage of the time by going on trips.
Several friends went to Lake Tahoe.

Many people also went to see Illusion Fusion,
a magic show starring Alex Ramon, the former ringmaster of Zing Zang Zoom.

The day after Jameson and I returned from our little San Fran vacation,
I got to participate in a morning volunteer event/PR with Habitat For Humanity!

This project involved nailing wall frames together for several single-family houses
to be assembled on the same block on Indian Lane. All of the homes will be LEED Certified.

Our group had maybe 6-8 volunteers (not counting performers).
We were given Home Depot aprons and two different kinds of nails...
silver zinc coated ones for the bottoms, and greenish-gold for the tops.
The Site Supervisor showed us what to do and assigned an experienced worker to each group.


Then it was hammer time :D

(all photos courtesy SF HFH)

In the center picture, the lady with the sun hat is a future resident of the house she is helping to build!
In exchange for a fixed-rate mortgage on the new home (yes, residents do pay for their homes!), future
residents must put in 500 hours of labor on the house.

Later on in the afternoon, the clowns and some dancers entertained the audience
(a large school group that appeared out of nowhere haha).

(all photos courtesy SF HFH)

Everyone seemed to have a really great time :)
I'm looking forward to doing this again!

Once shows started this week, things came back to 'normal'.
The train yard in Sacramento is not really near anything, but there is a grocery near the arena.
The weather is nice...80s during the day, 60s at night. I can't WAIT for fall!
Inside the arena, there is a 'clown tunnel'!

(photos courtesy Eryn)

Former and current Ringling clowns have decorated it with artwork, signatures,
and jabs at either Blue or Red unit depending on which side they're on
(clowns do transfer back and forth so it's kind of a moot point :oP)
A neat historic clown landmark!

On Saturday during the last show, one of our Wheel guys got his foot stuck in the wheel!
It's funny how, after doing so many shows, your attention can wander.
We were in a vamp so I was kind of spacing out,
but that feeling of 'something's different' snapped me back to the present
and I looked up in time to see the poor dude spinning upside down, trying to free his foot.
He was uninjured and the act went on as normal as soon as he untangled himself.

We had a Monday hangover this week, so it was another Slick Sunday
complete with awesome doughnuts, thank you Slick for being awesome like that.
The Monday show was late so I mailed postcards to some peeps and got some nice groceries.
Next will be Stockton, our last city in California. Time sure does fly!!!

In closing, here are some of Jameson's photos of the sea lions in San Fran.


These two were fighting!

And this one was picking his nose with his foot! How cute?