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Bakersfield, CA and Overland to San Fran!

Appologies for posting this so late.
I took a mini vacation this week, and was unable to post on the usual day.
Thanks for reading!

Though the run to Bakersfield was short, it was nice to be moving again :)

On Wednesday many people explored the downtown area.
We're only about a mile from the arena, so I get to use my bike all week. Yay!

On 19th Street there are many antique malls, including a Five and Dime inside an old Woolworth's building.

After you're done looking at antiques, you can get an old fashioned burger and shake in the Diner.

For Thursday's rehearsal my boss let me sit out for the end of the 2nd half while he played trombone.
That was fun! I haven't heard the music in the house since winter quarters!

Our Animal Open House was in the Convention Center next door. A strange setup!

(photo courtesy Ryan)

Nothing much else happened in Bakersfield...another laid-back city :)

Next we go to Sacramento, where I'm told there's nothing to do around the train.
So expect a short post :P


Now that Bakersfield is over, we get to enjoy FOUR DAYS of relaxation before shows start in Sacramento!
What a treat!!
Jameson and I borrowed Melissa's car, and took a tour of San Francisco!
We arrived late Sunday night at Pacifica Beach Hotel. What a wonderful view!

(photo courtesy Jameson)

On Monday we drove to Fisherman's Wharf and stopped at for lunch.
Jameson got clam linguine, I had crab cakes. It was delicious!

(photo courtesy Jameson)

After that we walked over to Lombard St.
About halfway up the VERY steep incline, I think we were both wondering whether this was a sane life choice.

But the view at the top was worth it!

Ok, to be fair, we didn't go all the way to the top of the zig zag.
But yeah. Great view :)

Next we went to the Musee Mecanique at Fisherman's Wharf.
It's a free museum of old 'arcade' machines...automatonic, piano players, peep shows, etc.

Most of the machines were only a quarter or two, so we enjoyed a peep show (VERY racy, let me tell you :P), an automatonic execution, several player pianos including a Wurlitzer that sounded fantastic, and some fortune-telling machines.

My fortune as told by a palm reading machine:
"Your hand indicates that you resent criticism and will not be driven in any enterprise."
Fair enough!

After that it was off to Pier 39 to see the sea lions!

They were big and fat and stinky and noisy! And kinda cute!
They kept pushing each other off into the water. It was fun to watch.

Since it was still fairly early in the afternoon, we decided to try to walk over to the Golden Gate Bridge.
As we walked, the fog started rolling in.

In other words, there was no way we were going to see the bridge :P
Also no matter how far we walked, it always seemed to be three miles away!
Though we didn't see the bridge, it was a lovely walk.

We returned to the hotel and asked the front desk for a dinner recommendation.
They suggested Nick's, about a mile down the road.
This place has been around since 1927 and is famous for their crab sandwich.

Yes, indeed. Wish I had several stomachs.

The next day we had lunch at Boudin Bakery's flagship location, that was neat.
All of the bread was sourdough, including pizza crust! Jameson had a crab chowder bread bowl,
I went with a margarita pizza. Yum yum!

And then...we went to Alcatraz!!

A ferry came and took us across the choppy waters. It was about a 10 minute ride.
Once on the island, we were given a safety briefing and left to our own devices.
Jameson had been here before, and he recommended the audio tour.

It was very informative and also very intense. Sound effects are used to dramatize violent events that took place in certain areas. The narrators are former prison guards and inmates. Their descriptions of life on Alcatraz as free men or prisoners brought the place to life. If you ever get a chance to visit, it's worth the thirty bucks. Do it.

At the docks:

Many of the windows are barred or have wire in them.

The morgue. There was room here for four bodies and one on the autopsy table/bench on the right.
There were eight murders and five suicides on Alcatraz.

A standard cell (5 x 9). That's bigger than our coffin rooms here on the train.

A somewhat larger cell. A 'stateroom', if you will. It was hilarious and horrifying to compare these cells to our own living quarters on the train. But hey, at least we've got all the amenities. And can LEAVE.

Solitary confinement room.
Jameson could touch both walls while standing in the middle.
No lights.

I'm going to spare you more pictures, but there were many, many more interesting things to see.
THIS BLOG has actually done a wonderful job of cataloguing the sights on the Alcatraz audio tour.
Give it a click and check it out :)

I owe Jameson a big XOXO Thank You for treating me to this trip!
If he hadn't been with me I probably wouldn't have seen this amazing site.
What a shame that would have been!!

After we got back to the wharf, we enjoyed dinner at Flying Ninja sushi,
then it was time to hit the road to Sacramento.
What a wonderful trip with a wonderful guy :)

This week we play the Sleep Train Arena.
There are only seven shows, so the next post should be shorter ;)