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Emergency Music

Weelll, I was hoping not to ever have to play it, but we did last night.

One of the bounce stilts acrobats fell and hurt himself (no word on his condition yet today) and was unable to get up. While paramedics were taking care of him, the band continues to play a special piece while the clowns go out and distract the audience.

No, the emergency music is NOT Stars and Stripes! :P Not anymore, anyway!

I can't imagine how stressful it is to be an acrobat, and have to wind up a number when you've got an injured friend lying there. Or being a clown, and having to do goofy funny things only a few feet from where someone's injured. Or to be the bandmaster and have to make that call to switch to emergency mode. Ugh.

Today's shows have been pretty uneventful (knockknock)...in the last show for whatever reason the lighting wasn't working, but heck, it happens.

We have one more show tonight and two tomorrow. It's rainy and very cold out!