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San Jose, CA

The train yard here in in San Jose is nice!
It's right next to a large mall, and an easy bike ride from grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
There's also a good wifi signal, always a plus!
Since we're parked here next week too, I'm glad it's a good place :)

Load in was super fast this week...trainside and showside crews had to work extra hard to finish by showtime on Wednesday. Great job everybody!!!
The rest of the week was light, or at least the shows were spaced out so that we have only one show per day through Friday, three Saturday, two Sunday, and one Monday. Nothing of fantastic interest happened.
I enjoyed relaxing, strolling around downtown, and chilling in the train yard :) All the makings of a short blog post :P

We had our 300th show this week! That's almost halfway through the season!

Sunday was a Slick Sunday. Both Jerome and Slick brought doughnuts, and I made Oreo truffles!
Thank you Kriste M. for the recipe!

It occurs to me that I've been slacking on that whole 'local bread' thing I was doing :P
Since we've been in Cali, I've had bread from LaBrea Bakery, which is very similar to Nature Valley only with no preservatives. Also two kinds of Trader Joe's bread, their Chia and Flaxseed which tasted great but was...I don't know...floppy? Undercooked? Something like that. And Sprouted Rye bread, which had a really earthy taste that was hard to get used to. And finally a loaf of San Francisco Sourdough from Ralph's. That was really tasty!

Anyway, next week we're in San Fran. Can't wait to see the bridge, the fog, Cow Palace, etc.!

Pics from this week:

Ahh, life in a train yard. These signs surround our train here in San Jose.

The horses got a My Little Pony makeover on Saturday!

(photo courtesy Jessi, vet tech)

This week the clowns negotiate their new contracts...who's staying, leaving, switching...?
And next week we're holding new clown auditions. Good luck everyone!

In other news, Kenneth Feld announces the beginning of the Marvel international tour!

Audition information is available HERE!