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Oakland, CA

This train run was a little longer. We ran right alongside the Pacific!

Once we arrived, I was quickly kidnapped for chicken and waffles
with Slick, Brett, Jameson, Jerome, and Tom :)

I've never had REAL chicken and waffles...in middle school I remember having some soggy slop called "chicken and waffles", but of course that doesn't even compare. This was REAL soul food. IT. WAS. DELICIOUS.

Just in case that wasn't enough awesome for one night,
we then crossed the street to Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon (since 1880!)
also called Jack London's Rendezvous because Jack used to hang out there regularly.

Many features of the bar are original, including the bar itself, gas lamps, wood stove, and tables and chairs. This is especially impressive considering that during the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the bar was irreparably damaged.
The supports under the floor collapsed, causing the entire bar to tilt at a pretty sharp angle.

As you can see there's also a lot of neat stuff stuck to the wall and ceiling.
Business cards cover the walls, along with newspaper clippings, medals, and other artifacts.
Hats, life preservers and evil rubber bats controlled by the bartender coat the ceiling :)

It was a cool place. I'm sure lots of us will be stopping by as it's very close to the train!

I went explore-walking, something I haven't gotten to do in a while!
There is a pretty lake downtown with a park and a walking trail all around it.

Near 21st St. I found the Cathedral of Christ the Light.
It's a very impressive building!

I didn't get to go inside, but it looks gorgeous. Pictures HERE.

I continued walking around downtown, enjoying some thrifting and poking around in a music store or two.
At 8th St. I got to experience Oakland's Chinatown.

After that I walked along the harbor area back through
Jack London Square.
It was a lovely day :)

Thursday was a normal day...
rehearsal and opening show :)
On Friday we only had one show in the evening. I enjoyed a REAL day off...not exploring or doing chores or anything. Just sleeping in, listening to music, watching a movie, and appreciating the down time. And the three-show Saturday just FLEW by!

Two shows in the afternoon, then several of us returned to Chicken and Waffles for the last time.
I didn't get food but had a screwdriver made with vanilla vodka, a drink that reminds me of college :D
Great hang!

(photo courtesy Melissa)

Today is Monday and we have a show at night. I'll be using the daylight to get groceries, clean my room, and all the other junk I'd do before a train run. Next up is San Jose. Our crew has to deal with a VERY tight schedule because of the late Monday show. Thank you, train crew, for your hard work. Hang in there!!!

Our train will be parked in San Jose for the San Francisco shows as well.
Looking forward to it!

Photos from this week:

The Blue Unit is exploring the possibilities with White Model Day.


When the Blue learns a new show, Gold will get Dragons.
Here are some of their costume designs and white models.

(all White Model/Concept photos courtesy Nicole and Juliette Feld)

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