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San Diego, CA

After another super short train run, we arrived in San Diego around midnight.

Tuesday was load in.
I enjoyed sleeping in and later doing some work that I'd been putting off.
In the afternoon Jameson and I walked to a nearby grocery to stock up for the week.
We are parked near the historic Gaslamp Quarter. There's a lot to see!

Our train near the PETCO Ballpark. Great skyline SD!

Entrance to the Gaslamp Quarter!

(photo courtesy Coastline Travel)

Later that night we enjoyed Taco Tuesday at Fred's Mexican Cafe.
Calamari tacos and strawberry margaritas, can't beat that!
For dessert, the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shop was the obvious choice :D

I got fancy lemon sorbet!

Jameson got a Sea Salt Caramel Banana Shake!

After that we walked around the harbor area. Got to see the luxury yacht Lady Christine up close:

(photo courtesy charterworld.com)

I had a wonderful time. Thank you Jameson :)

Wednesday was a Dark Day. I went over to Robert Cromeans Hair Salon,
The salon is very innovative-looking;
hair dryers hang from the ceiling so they can be used at any angle without tangling.
My stylist was named Josh, and he was FABULOUS.

Best haircut I've ever gotten for the price!
After that I wandered around the Quarter, just enjoying the weather and window shopping.

Over the weekend there was a big swap meet in the parking lot of the arena we're playing;
on Friday I went over to check it out!

(photo from the website)

Unfortunately they closed at 3pm every day, so a lot of vendors were packing up by the time I got over there. But still, it was fun to look around. I should have gone again on Saturday or Sunday, but honestly couldn't think of anything I needed at the moment :)

On Sunday one of Jameson's friends came to a show, and taped the end of Band Gag!
Thanks Kristin!

Right across the street there's a Target and a Ralph's,
so today during load out I picked up some groceries for the train run.
It was a nice laid back week. San Diego is a chill town.

I'm looking forward to this train run.
Supposedly we run right along the shore, so I'm hoping for some great pics!

Oakland's up next!

Photos from this week:

Some people have asked me what a 'coffin' room (5' x 7') looks like.
Juliana (dancer)'s room is a good example!

(photo missing. courtesy Juliana)

The Kids Got Talent Talent Show was this weekend! SO CUTE <3 <3
Circus kids are amazing!

(photo missing. courtesy Eryn)

Our ringmaster Andre McClain celebrated his birthday on Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRE!!
(photo missing. courtesy Ryan)
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