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Anaheim, CA Week 2

This was a nice week :)
We had a lot of shows so I don't have any exploring to report.
I did get to bike to the arena almost every day (over the weekend I was lazy and rode the bus).
It was a really nice ride, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable around pedestrians, cars, and other bikers.
Practice practice!

On Tuesday I got to see my sister for the last time while we're in Cali.
I got a little rental car and drove to her place, and from there we went to Rice Things
and met Skyler for a yummy lunch.

After lunch we went to a few thrift stores (I love thrift stores!) and Kayle bought some stuff for her
classroom. Then we visited Manhattan Beach and enjoyed the sun and sand for about an hour before
she had to go to work.

Before hitting the road we hit Manhattan Beach Creamery for some insanely good ice cream.
I got sticky bun crunch! Kayle got chocolate peanut butter...but it had no pb in it!!!!!!!!! AAARGH.

It was great to see Kayle one last time. Hopefully we can meet up again over the holidays!

Shows this week were as usual.
On Saturday, Pie Car staff brought us some ice cream!
Pie Car Jr. is not allowed to come to the arena while we're in Anaheim.

Also on Saturday, the clowns surprised us during the 2nd show
by coming out dressed in each others' costumes.
Had to stop playing I was laughing so hard. That was GREAT!

On Sunday we celebrated Bennett's birthday with pizza and cake!
What a great treat on a three show day. Thank you Barlows!

Other than that, just a regular week :)
Next up is San Diego!
It looks like there are lots of things to do around the arena, and we have a lighter show schedule too.

Other pics from this week:

Several cars on our train got new wheels. This is the machine that lifts the cars so the wheels can be installed.

(photo courtesy Eryn, teacher)

Another baby elephant was born at the Center for Elephant Conservation (CEC) this week.
His name is Mike :)

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