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Ontario, CA

It was strange to have a train run on a Wednesday :P
And it wasn't much of a run...maybe 6-8 hours.
We arrived while it was still daylight. Even so, after an eventful week in Los Angeles I felt the need for a break, so I just stayed home and cooked, cleaned, watched movies, etc. That was nice :)

Not much exciting happened this week.
The arena was only about 3.5 miles from the train, so many people took bikes to work rather than ride the bus.
I chose not to bike here, mainly because I'm not quite comfortable with lots of traffic (there's a big mall here) and also have never ridden at night. Next week in Anaheim we're only a mile from the arena. I hope to ride to and from the arena every day. This will be good practice :)

The Wheel act was cut out this week due to an injury.
Instead, we played the Emergency Music while the clowns performed some acts.
I think everyone would much rather have a 'planned' emergency than a real one!!

On Saturday, I had my first ever close-up "interaction" with a protestor.
I was exiting the Animal Open House and entering the parking lot. There was a protestor standing at the exit handing out flyers and speaking to circus guests. She was standing directly next to the gate, so there was no way to avoid her. Although I wasn't in full costume, I was wearing my sparkly tie and holding my ID badge. As I passed her, she got right up next to my ear and said, "Circus FREAK, circus FREAK..."
I had always thought that I might get upset or angry if a protestor confronted me. What actually happened was, I felt mildly amused and was easily able to keep walking without saying a word or even looking at her. Imagine being an animal trainer and having to endure worse abuse for HOURS at a time! When I think of our trainers, it's easy to let an activist's hateful words bounce right off :)

Let's see, what else!
There was a PR for Hallmark Home & Family this week, featuring the Emelins and the King Charles Troupe!
Click here to see the Emelins' fabulous dog act!
Click here to see KCT's awesome moves!

All in all it was a good week.
I've already got a lot of events planned for next week,
so look forward to an insanely long blog post after Anaheim ;)

Here are some more photos from this week:

Over the weekend we circus folk got a big pick-me-up from some anti-PETA peeps.
Thanks for your support, friends!!!

(photo courtesy Taylor, clown)

A day in the life.

(photo of Kent, courtesy Bernadette)