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Dayton, OH

Yesterday I went for a reeeeally long walk, found a Kroger and some fast food restaurants, but nothing to write home about. Our train yard this time has no internet and virtually no phone reception either. When I can get my hands on some wifi again, the first thing I’m going to do is google our next three stops so I don’t get stuck without a clue in Nowheresville again :P

It’s not all that bad actually…exploring is fun! But I’d like to know in which direction I should head to avoid any rough neighborhoods or long stretches of boring road. And if there are any unique sights to see, I want to see them!

Downtown Springfield turned out to be pretty lame...found a Buffalo Wild Wings and that's about it! But at least I got a good walk in :)

Today I went to Dayton early because there's a mall and used bookstore nearby. I picked up a copy of The Fountainhead and the His Dark Materials series. They didn't have Battle Royale, which I want to read after finishing Hunger Games. Also got a backpack (feeling stupid for leaving mine at home) and some summer shirts from Plato's Closet. Yay shopping!

Now I'm going to relax a bit before our evening show :)