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Los Angeles, CA

​An eventful week here in LA!


Although this train run was short, we went through some lovely winding passes, including the Tehachapi Loop! This is one of few places where people riding the train can see the WHOLE train, from the last stock car to the engine!

(photo courtesy trainweb.org)

We arrived in LA early Tuesday morning.
The train is parked next to a street; much more convenient for us than when it's in a yard.
I was able to take my bike to a nearby grocery first thing this morning.
The weather is wonderful here!

My sister Kayle lives nearby and had the day off,
so she came and picked me up!
Back in 2010 I had lived with her in Lancaster, CA while looking for work.

Hilariously, right when she arrived, a couple of cops were questioning me about
calls they had received reporting elephants running loose.
Of course the elephants were already at the arena.
I wonder if it was kids making prank calls or PETA making trouble. Both are likely :P

I showed Kayle my little room, then she took me to
Marukai grocery!
This is one of the things I've really looked forward to doing in CA.
Japanese grocery stores have a lot of great foods that you can't get anywhere else.
I got green tea flavored Pocky and Kotsuzumi sake!

We split some mochi ice cream, then Kayle took me to see her apartment!
It's on the second level of a complex, right behind a street with lots of shops.
We spent some time catching up, and she gave me some paints, brushes,
paper and canvas to play with on the next train run :)
Then we drove over to Redondo Beach and walked around on the pier.

Chicken playing drums. Beats me...

Lovely sunset:

Here we are!

Pretty soon her boyfriend Skyler showed up, and we went over to Quality Seafood,
a fish market that also will cook the fresh fish for you!
We split a mixed seafood plate and some live rock oysters on the half shell. Yum!

Great selection of fresh fish!

Our oysters :)

We had rehearsal as usual, and afterward the guys took me to The Original Pantry around 9th Street.
It's a 24 hour diner-type place that serves breakfast all day! I got a GIANT BBQ pork sandwich
that lasted me for two meals. Yum!

(photo courtesy Yelp)

Opening night went well. It was really awesome to play the Staples Center,
where so many famous people have performed!

After the noon show Brett and his family, Slick, Jameson, Tom and I went to see Despicable Me 2.
Super cute movie!

During the break between shows there was another Celebrity Red Carpet event much like we had in Brooklyn.
I heard it went well! Some celebrities in attendance included Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville, and more.
Follow this link for photos.

Today Bill Watrous came to our morning show!!
For those who are not trombone geeks, let me fill you in. This guy is a jazz legend.
(click here for an example of how awesome Bill Watrous is.)

After the show we went to
Wolfgang Puck for lunch. Very delicious gourmet food.
I got a farmers market chopped salad with shrimp, it was fantastic!

It was a privilege to meet Bill and hear some stories about past gigs, and meet his wife and son!
HUGE thanks to my boss for letting me tag along!


We've got a long week ahead of us, with three shows today, three tomorrow, and shows on
Monday and Tuesday (usually we're moving by Monday!).
All three shows went well :)
My sister's friends came to a show. It was nice to have fans in the audience!

Another three show day. Neil Patrick Harris came to see us!
Here he is with some of our fabulous clowns!

(photo courtesy Chris, clown)

Apparently Sarah Michelle Gellar was there too (click here for full article).

We only had one show tonight, so I got to spend the day with Kayle again!
This time she took me to Santa Monica!
We walked up to the top floor of an open air mall, and found a great
Latin Asian fusion restaurant!
The view:

Our food...duck confit tacos wrapped in daikon 'shells', chicken empanadas,
and a FANTASTIC "Mexican candy bar" for dessert. It was all very posh :D

After lunch we walked down to the famous Santa Monica Pier.
All in all, an awesome fun day. It's so nice to get away from the circus once in a while.
Thanks Kayle!! <3

Two more shows. This has been a LONG week!
Kayle and some of her friends came to the second show. I got to give them a backstage tour!
I think they had fun :)

Next up is Ontario. I just got back to the train and am SUPER tired! Gonna hit the sack a little early I think!