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Tucson, AZ

Another lovely desert train run. How do people live out here?! It's so hot!
I don't understand it. But it sure is pretty.

In addition to the scenery, I saw shantytowns similar to those seen in Mexico,
an emu farm, and a few wild dogs.

We arrived more or less on time.
It was super hot out, so I just walked once around the train and called it a day :P
Oh, and visited a cool local music store with Brett and Catfish!
There weren't all that many trombones, but I enjoyed playing with what they had
and hearing Catfish and Brett tear it up in the trumpet room :)

A dark day. Katie (electrician) and Bubba (trainmaster) invited me to join them
and several friends for a trip to Biosphere 2! For those who don't know, it's a man-made
ecosystem designed to explore the possibility of self-sufficient colonies in space.
In the early 90's researchers were sealed inside for two years,
and had to reuse the air and water, and grow all of their own food!

The building:

The big pyramid-shaped thing was the rainforest, and the round thing on the right is a 'lung'.
The center building and tower were for human habitation.

Kitchen inside the central building:

Living quarters for the eight researchers:

The Biosphere 2 ocean, highest ocean in the world:

Desert section:

This was one of the coolest parts of the tour...the lung!
It was designed to prevent the mostly glass building from shattering, as the temperature
in AZ fluctuates a great deal throughout the day. The ceiling is an aluminum circle with legs
around the radius. Attached to this is a huge black sheet of synthetic rubber, which can move
up or down as the air pressure inside the facility changes.
We were able to see the ceiling drop a bit as we exited the room.

Better photo (borrowed):

It was all very interesting and scientific :)
After the tour, we found a park nearby and had a picnic thanks to Cindy (teacher) who
brought along a lovely salad, pitas, hummus and felafel!

After we ate we made a quick stop at Trader Joe's, then headed home. A fun day!
While I was out having fun, my boss and his family were working hard in the desert heat,
moving dirt for Habitat for Humanity. Way to go!!

(photo courtesy Theresa B.)

Next week in Phoenix I will have an opportunity to participate in a similar event.
Looking forward to it!

Rehearsal and opening show. Hello Tucson!
After rehearsal, went to El Minuto Cafe with Aaron (drums), Tom and Jameson (keys),
Tim (sax), and Jerome (bass). It's right across the street; good thing, as it was 105 degrees out!
We had a nice tasty dinner before the show.

We had a split. After the morning show I came back to the train because it was super hot out.
It's over 100 degrees every day here, and the nighttime temperature doesn't seem to fall below
80 degrees, so I should probably get used to it. But gosh! Even though it's not humid, hot is hot!
I had a nice rest between shows.

Three shows today, nothing out of the ordinary.
Well, we have some trampoline guys and some wheel acrobats out with injuries :/
Hopefully everyone recovers quickly. In the meantime, those two acts have minor changes.

Two shows, then Catfish and I borrowed Alan (sound tech)'s car for a grocery run.
The train run to Phoenix tonight will be super short, probably only 6-8 hours.
But getting groceries now will save me time next week :)
Thank you Alan!

Photo: Our generator car with the doors open, to help cool it off!