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Viva Las Vegas!

The train run got started late...about 8 hours late!

Later on I met Brett and his son in the Pie Car for cards and banana pudding :)

Woke up sneezing and itchy...not unusual as I've got allergies and we're also moving through a new environment.
After about an hour on the vestibule, I noticed hives appearing on my arms. That's a new one.

I got an Allegra from Rebecca that helped a lot (thank you Rebecca!) but I wonder what caused that reaction.
Anyway, as we approached Salt Lake City I got some more gorgeous photos!

At one point I got to see the whole train stretched out...here's the back end:

The front:

Beautiful scenery:

Mountains across Salt Lake:

Fantastic sunset:

We arrived only a few hours late, partially thanks to a time zone change ;)
My mystery rash reappeared, so my boss gave me a ride to a walk-in clinic
where I was told to keep taking Allegra :(
I went grocery shopping (thanks again to my boss Brett for the lift!), then
Jameson and I went to see Absinthe!
This show is absolutely HILARIOUS. It's crude, so don't bring your super-conservative friends,
but a great show that I'd recommend to anyone visiting Vegas. There are lots of circus elements
mixed with comedy skits and a Green Fairy theme throughout. I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time!
After the show we met up with Jameson's friend, who had gotten us the tickets.
He's a really cool guy! He and Jameson go way back, so I got to hear lots of stories from their theatre days.
He took us to Peppermill, a 24-hour diner in "old Vegas". It was awesome and the plates were HUGE.


Outside (photo borrowed from Tripadvisor):

Jameson and I split a fruit plate: bananas, strawberries, kiwi, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, pineapple, and a loaf of warm banana bread with marshmallow dipping sauce! It was amazing.

(photo borrowed from Tripadvisor)

Once again the rash appeared, and the knuckles on my right hand were swollen too.
Because of this my morning was a little stressed. I realize it's only a rash and probably nothing serious,
but it's kind of scary not knowing what's causing something like this to happen for three days straight.
I continue to take Allegra and it goes away before work, thankfully.

We had our rehearsal and a show, nothing spectacular :)
There were TONS of former and current circus folk in the audience!
There are so many circus-themed and acrobatic shows here in Vegas, it's no wonder! After the show they came down onto the floor to visit. Karin Houcke was visiting all the way from Russia...there was a party to celebrate her birthday at a nearby hotel.

Only one show today! It was 105 degrees outside though, so I tried to stay indoors :/
But hey, my stupid rash was gone!
I did a load of laundry and cooked some food. Then my friend K.C. came over to see the train!
He and I went to school at UNCSA around the same time.
I showed him the train, then he took me to Rumbi Island Grill where we had fantastic burgers!
It was great to see him and catch up :)

Three shows and super hot out, so I stayed inside again.
The shows were straightforward...a few changes were made to the trampoline act
because there are a few guys out with injuries. Otherwise nothing to report.
After the show, Brett held a BBQ at his train car for former and current Ringling folk!
I didn't stick around that long, but there were lots of people there and the food was great!

I woke up late. This is an accomplishment because of the recent time change :D
The rash was back, but only a small patch on one arm.
We are in desert cities for the next two weeks, so if it doesn't go away I'll assume it's something around here that I'm allergic to or perhaps the dry climate.
We had two shows, and load out is taking place as I write this.
Some people are out enjoying Fremont Street
which is only a short walk from the train.
Jameson and I walked over just to get a few necessities from Walgreens.
I enjoyed seeing the Vegas craziness though!
There were people painting on the street and selling stuff, acrobats and musicians performing, people getting pictures taken with people dressed in goofy/sexy costumes...honestly it kinda felt like Times Square but with slot machines and more liquor!

(photo courtesy Retiring Guy's blog)

Well that's all I got for this week! Next up is Tucson, a city that promises to be EVEN HOTTER (I'm talking temperature :D).

Here's a cool slide show from the Las Vegas Sun reporting on a PR we did with Three Square Food Bank

Here's the Ringling slot machine! (that's the ringmaster from Blue Unit)


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Jun. 21st, 2013 11:45 pm (UTC)
Horrible Pictures
I'm not sure why anyone would say you take horrible pictures. The pictures of the mountains across the Salt Lake is beautiful. The ring master know he was going to be on the slot machine video?
Jun. 21st, 2013 11:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Horrible Pictures
I'm sure he knew, he had to make the voice recording for it after all!

Thanks for the complement :)
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