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Colorado Springs, CO

The train run here was pretty nice.
Here we are passing Denver!

Tuesday was load in and Wednesday was a dark day.
The train was parked next to Monument Valley Park.
Being parked in a public place can be very convenient and fun. Here we were only about a mile from downtown Colorado Springs, right next to a university, and a short bike ride/walk to the nearest grocery. On the other hand, I can understand why some circus veterans prefer isolated train yards. We had many trespassers this week...people who thought it was OK to just climb onto our train and sightsee or take pictures. I'm sure it's exciting to see the circus train,
but I hope people will remember that this is our HOME, and it is private property.


In general this was a great spot for us. We didn't have to go far to enjoy the outdoors!
Some people went to see the Garden of the Gods, only two miles from our train.

Some more adventurous circus folk went climbing on Pike's Peak, or white water rafting!
As for me, I tried out my new bike!

I followed the greenway to the grocery.
It was a really nice ride.

On the way back I was out of breath and had to walk the bike several times.
On top of being out of shape, I was probably struggling with the thinner air at 6000ft above sea level.
Everyone in the circus had to drink more water and take deeper breaths here.
It made doing shows more difficult, but we're all professionals and made it through without major incident :)

On Thursday night the A/C broke on our train car.
The band hustled off to a hotel while it was being fixed. A rare treat!
The view from my room:

On Friday we only had one evening show. Brett and Tim tried to organize a softball game,
but too many people had PRs and/or couldn't commit to coming out.
We took turns throwing and hitting, but didn't have enough people for a real game.
Maybe next time!

Tim, Deuce and Brett:

Jameson showing good batting form :)

After lunch I went downtown for a bit. There are lots of cute shops, boutiques and restaurants.
I went to a music store for some Slide-o-Mix, then checked out Leechpit,
a vintage shop that'll be closing its doors in less than a month.

I was hoping to pick up a piece of artwork by Adam Leech, who carves nickels into interesting portraits.
Apparently this is a common art form...who knew? I sure didn't!

Anyway...they were more expensive than I expected :/

The weekend went by as usual.
Elliana, our human cannon, landed wrong on a shoot on Saturday and will be out for a while
with an injured foot/ankle. Hopefully she'll heal quickly and painlessly!
In the meantime, Nadia (aerialist, iron jaw) will be shooting in her place.

Crowds here were excellent, they cheered a lot and really got into the show.
Thanks CO Springs!

Next we're off to Vegas!
Many peeps are traveling overland to get there early so they'll have more time to play on the strip :)
I'm taking the train run, because everyone says it's a beautiful trip and anyway I'm not much of a gambler :D

Last but not least, my brother Jonah graduated this week. I'm so proud of him!!!


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Jun. 15th, 2013 01:23 am (UTC)
Another View of the Tracks
I stumbled across your blog and was happily surprised to see amazing pictures of my hometown. I live on the other side of I-25 her in Colorado Springs and am able to see the train from the second floor of my house every time you roll into town. I find myself every year asking, what must it be like?

I have read a few of your entries, and if it isn't stalkerish, I will admit to reading more. You have a great eye for photography.

Jun. 17th, 2013 05:24 am (UTC)
Re: Another View of the Tracks
Well hi!
I'm flattered!
Thank you for taking time to comment on the entry. Not many people do you know!
My dad thinks I'm a horrible photographer. Needless to say I'm sharing your comment with him ;D

I often wonder what people think, when the circus train is parked close to residential areas. Do they like to watch us come and go? Does the noise from the generator car bother anyone? Are people surprised to wake up Monday morning and find us gone? Haha.

Thanks again for your kind words. Feel free to be stalkerish...if I ever feel threatened I'll just send the clowns after you ;D

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