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Hartford, CT

The train run was only a day long. We arrived several hours late, but that's how it is sometimes :)

Wednesday featured an elephant brunch. I got the call to go and hold the yellow rope, whee! Hahaha.
The section I was 'blocking off' was off to the side so I didn't get to see any of what was happening,
but there was a huge crowd and it was great to see excitement from people of all ages :)

(photo courtesy Hartford Courant)

After the elephants were safely back indoors, Cindy (teacher) and I walked to Save-a-Lot
and then returned to the train (it's within walking distance this week).

The weekday shows were normal. For lunch on Thursday the band visited Agave
for some great Mexican food. The waiter made the guac right at the table! That was awesome.

On Friday I explored. There was a beautiful park just a block from the arena.

There were fish and ducks in the ponds, and an antique carousel.
Lots of people were out enjoying the fine weather.

The capitol building is located in this park, so I stopped in to check it out.

A cool chandelier in the lobby:

There are two large angel statues on the ground floor; one is near a wall,
and the other is in the center and is called "The Genius of Connecticut".

If you stand right next to the center angel, so that you're practically leaning
on it, and look up, you can see the inner dome of the capitol building.

After that I met up with Rebecca (wardrobe), Chris (wardrobe) and Applesauce (backstage crew)
and we just walked around on the riverfront until dinnertime.
Here they are looking pensive :)

Saturday turned out to be pretty fun (for me at least!)
I found a rose stuck in the mouthpiece of my Band Gag trombone, and Jameson found one
on his keyboard. I wonder who they were from *coughAlexandIrenacough*.

Tim (sax) conducted the first two shows and did a fantastic job!

Triple H made an appearance and took photos with several folks backstage.

After the first show, I was asked to do an interview for The White Tops,
a magazine distributed by the Circus Fans Association of America.
It was a lot of fun! They interviewed other people too...I'm hoping to get my hands on a copy!

Halfway through the day my sister sent some pics of my little brother
(not so little any more!) who is on prom court! Way to go Jonah!!!
I'm so proud of him :) If our Mom could see him now, she'd be flipping out haha.
With his date:

With sister Kate:

He's graduating in less than a month!!

Back to the circus, several people suffered minor injuries this week at work. Be careful everyone!
On Sunday we had the last two shows, then Jameson and Catfish and I went back to Agave
for drinks and treats!
Jameson's crepes! (sorry for the poor quality photo)


Catfish's churros!

Good friends, good time :)

Next up is Trenton, NJ, which promises to be not nearly as fun. Supposedly the train yard is dangerous,
and there's not much around the building either. Oh well...hopefully people will still enjoy the show :)