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Providence, RI

The train run from Kentucky to Rhode Island was long, and unfortunately the weather and lack of scenery were enough to keep me indoors for most of the trip. I did finally get some quality computer time though...we had two long stops near major cities, so I got to catch up on some world news and enjoy some mindless YouTube drivel :)
This little bit of false news was a fun read too.

Once we arrived, I was asked to participate in the animal walk and gladly said yes.
The weather was lovely, the walk was pleasant. No protestors, hooray!

(photo missing. courtesy Dunkin Donuts Center on Facebook)
I was waaay in the back alongside Siam and Baby :)

Afterward I joined Cindy (teacher), Elliana (cannon), Katie and Bubba (train crew),
and a few more crew members for sushi at Jacky's Waterplace & Sushi Bar.
It was delicious, and the presentation was pretty fantastic too!

That's a whole squid stuffed with rice, asparagus, avocado and shrimp. VERY good!

Afterward Katie and Bubba drove us to Whole Foods.
If you've never been, Whole Foods is an organic/all-natural specialty grocery with a large selection of imported goods. I can't afford to 'really' shop there, but whenever possible I pick up some of my favorites:
organic soups, real peanut butter, exotic chocolates, and great coffee!

I'm VERY grateful to Katie and Bubba for bringing me along. Grocery shopping can be a real chore in the circus, especially in those cities where the nearest grocery is miles away and your only transportation is either an expensive cab or a late night market bus. Great meal and great company. Thanks guys!

The next day was load in, and though I didn't have to work I had errands to run.
I walked 2 miles for a doctor's appointment,
exchanged some broken string lights at the nearby Providence Place Mall ,
walked to Stop & Shop to get groceries for the week,
and returned to the train where I did two loads of laundry and cooked.

Shows this week went as usual. Bruce Willis showed up on Friday and attended a show on Saturday.

I didn't get to meet him, but pretty sure I saw him and his daughter in one of the suites on Saturday.

Earlier this year I may have mentioned that our boss is teaching some of us how to conduct the band.
This is in case anything happens where he can't conduct us,
and also for our benefit ('cause knowledge is power!)
Tim (sax) has been working the hardest to learn to conduct.
He's been conducting rehearsals for some time,
and on Sunday he conducted his first show.
Although he seemed unhappy with how it went, I think he did a fantastic job.
I hope that he'll be able to sub in for Brett once in a while!

I would also like to learn to conduct, but have no conducting background whatsoever.
It's going to take me a LOT longer to learn. Fortunately Brett is patient :)

Here in RI we had an interesting show schedule: one show Friday, a six pack, and a night show on Monday.
So I ended up with a lovely afternoon to explore Providence :)
I didn't visit any historical places or anything...just enjoyed the sunshine and whatever I saw along the way.

I explored a cool used book store, walked through a pretty park, and almost ran into this chicken.

I still have bread left from last week, but at $2 a loaf,
couldn't resist this onion rosemary focaccia from Ellie's Bakery!

(some onions lost in transit)

Maybe I'll freeze it for later, or share it :)
After that, I went to nearby Providence Mall and visited the Buckle store to spend a gift card
from my Aunt Chris. Thanks Aunt C! I got a new pair of jeans!

Then it was time to do our last show in this city.
The Big Apple Circus band came to visit!
They sat in the bandstand with us. I have to admit, I was nervous, but at the same time it was
great to have people listening and enjoying the show with us! Thanks guys!

Well that's about it for this week!
Next up is Hartford, CT!

Oh, one last thing...
I'm getting a bike!!!

It's a vintage 1970s Raleigh Twenty folding bike!
I found it by chance on craigslist, while looking for a used Dahon.
The owner is a DIY and biking enthusiast and restored it himself.
I've been thinking of getting a bike for a while, but wanted to be sure to get something
that would fit in my room and that I'd realistically use.
A smaller-wheeled, modern gearless folder might have been nice for short distances,
but I was concerned about how it would hold up in the train yards and on longer trips.
This bike seems like a good all-around fit for my needs.
It may be a little bigger than is convenient, and heavier than a modern model,
but it's beautiful and unique and functional.
Can't wait to get it!!