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Dayton Run

En route to Dayton, OH now.

The train started moving around 2am; it was very jerky, so I had trouble sleeping. It’ll take some getting used to.

I just came in from the vestibule, and the train is moving at a pretty good clip, probably 60mph or so. The wind is cold…my hands are frozen!

I’m not quick with this camera, so no good pictures to share right now. And anyway, Ohio looks a lot like Pennsylvania :P

It’s a lovely thing to wake up with the train rocking you…make some coffee and some eggs, and go out on the vestibule or sit next to the window and watch America go by. I see houses with people leaving for work, or going grocery shopping, or kids playing at school…and I think, “that was me.”

Only a month ago, I was working 9-5 doing invoices in an office. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just wasn’t my preference. I look out now and wonder how many people are enjoying their jobs…these construction workers and laborers and gas station attendants who stop what they’re doing to watch our train go by...businessmen who hang out the windows of their offices to take pictures of us…do they envy our lifestyle? Would they choose it if they had the chance?

This job is too good for me...it’s still so hard to believe I’m here. Harder still to believe that a job like this exists in the first place. It’s amazing and there’s nothing like it anywhere else.