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Hampton, VA

On the way to the Hampton yard, the train passed Busch Gardens!

I was sitting in my room watching the scenery pass, when I recognized an intersection that I used to drive by on the way to work. I jumped up and managed to snap this one picture before the park disappeared behind some trees.

The train yard we are staying in is only five miles from where I used to live. It was only a little over a year ago, so I remember those times very well. Sleeping in an empty 10 x 10 room on an air mattress. Listening to the neighbors fighting in the parking lot. Working four jobs and keeping a color-coded calendar to keep track of it all. Driving past the Coliseum in December, when the lights outside were a festive red and green, and never thinking for a moment that I'd ever get to see the inside. And this week it's my second home!

This arena is right on the lake!

Circus folk enjoying the sun before rehearsal:

It's so strange to return to a place like this where I spent so much time working other jobs. It's like getting glimpses of a past life, seeing the streets I used to drive down, the places I used to go for walks.

The area around the arena has been developed a great deal since I was here last. There are lots of shops, including Walmart, Target, and a big outdoor mall. I strolled around on Tuesday and enjoyed the sun, window shopping, and frozen yogurt :)

That night there was a BBQ at the train. The weather was perfect and it was the first 'real' circus BBQ of the year :)

On Wednesday my friend Dru and his wife came to a show! Dru plays tuba and upright bass, and his wife plays and teaches the violin. It was great to see them! Thanks for letting me talk your ear off about the circus, guys!

After that show, the company threw us a party for surviving Brooklyn! I wanted to stay, but since there were so many of my friends coming to Thursday's show I decided to skip it and take care of some ho-hum stuff on the train. I heard it was pretty awesome though...margaritas and arcade games!

Thursday started off with a visit from my friend and former coworker Don and his wife, who picked me up at the train around noon. I got to show them my room! After that, we went for lunch at a China Buffet. NOM NOM NOM. It was great to catch up with them, although I spent most of the time yapping about the circus! Don is doing well at the park, and his wife has recently retired and enjoys teaching piano and gardening :)

For dinner I spent time with my Blockbuster friends Paula and Dan. They brought some friends as well (sorry ladies...I don't recall everyone's names!!) and we shared a HUGE plate of nachos and a great meal at Kelly's Tavern.
It's been great spending time with them while passing through VA! Those two are true friends. Thank you for everything!

I had over 20 friends attending Thursday's show!! WOW!! These were coworkers from my various jobs, and their friends and family. It was great to have visitors and see how everyone's doing since we last worked together in 2011. I regret not getting more time with my boss from the office job, Jackie, who came to the show with her daughter. But I'm glad they enjoyed the show!

Thanks for coming out, everyone!

Friday was Elliana's birthday!! She's 21!!

She had to work of course, but I heard word of a celebratory shot after the last show ;)
I also heard that she got not only pied but also dumped into a bucket of soap! LOL!

(photo courtesy Elliana)

Saturday was World Circus Day, so special announcements were made between shows.
That night my friend Joe, a tuba-ist and BGW employee, drove all the way out
to the train to drop off a VERY nice piece of nostalgia for me...my ChristmasTown German dress!

Wonder when I should wear it... ;D
He brought his beautiful husky Ozzy, and we walked her around the train yard a bit and caught up.
I wish we'd had more time :(
Joe is one of the coolest people I know. He's driving to NJ today to get some horn work done. Safe travels Joe!

Sunday was nice and relaxing. Two afternoon shows, and after the last show Tim (sax) and Melissa (Production) gave Jameson (keys) and I a lift to the Walmart. I'm all stocked up on fresh produce and ready for a 1.5 day train run to Louisville!

Other photos from this week...
Elephants enjoying the fine weather:

(photos courtesy Bernadette, elephant handler)

The line for Animal Open House:

Trampoline guy practicing...on the boxcars...

(photo courtesy Jessi, Vet Tech)

This alicorn 'mysteriously' appeared on my music stand Saturday night...
I can't think of ANYpony who'd have put it there *coughJessiVetTechcough*!