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Youngstown, OH

A quick little post, because internet is limited.
Youngstown is boring.

We didn't have shows until Friday. During the down time I looked around, like I do.
Our yard this week:

Photos from downtown:

Youngstown is one of those industrial cities that was devastated by the recession. The downtown is virtually empty. There are shop fronts with the names of businesses displayed above the doors or in the windows, but most are closed.

There's not even anywhere to eat near the arena. We either had to pack food or eat at Pie Car Jr. (I did both).

So yeah, Youngstown is boring.
Its nothing like Brooklyn, that's for sure.
But you know what? The people were great.

Audiences sang the Star Spangled Banner along with the Ringmaster,
applauded after each act, and cheered loudly at the end of every show.
The arena here was a fraction of the size of the one in Brooklyn,
but it seemed bigger, because these people filled it with enthusiasm and true enjoyment.

I've got to say, after all the PR and media and sponsorship we went through last week,
it was nice to just play for people.

That's just my impression from the short time we had here.
Thanks for the warm welcome, Youngstown.
I hope things get better for you!!

Nothing of high interest happened this week.
I did my taxes :P
My parents sent an Easter care package full of candy and other treats,
including this nifty hex sign!

Around the middle of the week I was in the Pie Car thinking about what to eat,
and decided on soup. Uncle John hadn't made any yet (it was morning) and asked
what kind I'd like. I replied, "Anything without cream!", and here's what he made!

I have some mild lactose problems, hence, no cream :)
But I needed the Lactaid anyway, because a few days later he whipped up a batch of
'Dirty Girl Scout Pudding'!

Words can't describe how delicious and alcoholic this was.
My eyes were crossing after the first two bites, lol!

Red Unit has the best chef, hands down :)

A few other photos:

Some performers enjoying the first warm, sunny day of the year between shows:

Our stuff at the arena:

And a fun fact:
Here in Youngstown, the arena did not have warm water.
So when the clowns did the soap gag, the liquid soap they had to dive into
and dump on each other was ICE COLD. Clowns are tough and dedicated and this proves it.
Way to go, guys and gals!

We're currently enjoying a three-day train run to Norfolk, VA!
Hoping to see lots of friends there!