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Brooklyn, NY Week 1

The train is back in Secaucus, and we're playing Brooklyn!
The Barclays Center is a new building, very state-of-the-art:

Right next door is a mall, grocery, and restaurants, so there's lots to
occupy our time as we won't be able to go very far from the arena between shows.
There's also a subway station right underneath the arena, so
many of us have been using it to get to and from Secaucus instead of bussing it.
By the end of March I'll be super familiar with Penn Station lol.

It's been 80 years since RBBB played in Brooklyn!
We had a special PR event right under the Brooklyn Bridge to mark the occasion!

(scan courtesy Brian, animal trainer)

View under the bridge!

The elephants performed a part of their act with some dancers and clowns,
and KCT entertained the crowd with some unicycle work too.
After that, the elephants got a snack!
Fun fact: Mabel LOVES carrots. She ignored everything else, ate her own carrots,
and stole carrots from the other elephants. Hilarious!
The snacks:

Elephants enjoying the snacks:

I was there to help keep people at a safe distance, along with
several others who normally do elephant walk.
Many media folks were there, taking pictures with huge cameras.
One guy even rested his lense on my shoulder to take his picture lol.
The protestors were kept at a pretty good distance thankfully, and
were sort of limited to where they could protest.
I'm glad, because there were lots of kids present.

Here we are! (it was cold!)

(photo courtesy Xianzeng, clown)

Some protestors in their designated 'free speech' spot.

It was a really fun event, I'm glad I dragged myself out of bed early to do it!

We've been featured in the news a lot in general:
New York Times

New York Times Slide Show
New York Post Review

This week we've begun rehearsals for the Yeshiva show.
Yeshiva is a "Jewish educational institution that focuses on the study of traditional religious texts".
This school of study is traditionally for men, and in order to put on a show that's
acceptable for this group, no women will be allowed to perform.
The show sure looks 'interesting' without girls...

This Friday was my sister Raven's 21st birthday!!
She came to see a show with several friends.

A fun time was had :)

On Saturday my sister Kate and brother Jonah came out to visit Raven
and have a late celebration. It was great for all of us siblings to be together...
hasn't happened in five years!!!
I completely forgot to get a group photo :(
But it was nice to travel with them on the subway, and enjoy a meal together,
and talk for a few hours before we had to go our separate ways.
I REALLY hope for some serious quality time with them later in the year.

Sidenote, it was super strange to see my youngest sister drinking!!! Gosh!!

It was a pretty eventful week.
Next week I probably won't have much to post about; we've got 16 shows in
six days, so it'll be busy!

Here are some other photos from this week:

Here in Brooklyn, the crowd stays a respectable distance from the elephants.

Jennifer Hudson came to a show!

Oh, and for bread this week I have a loaf of Irish soda bread that I picked up from Fairway in Uniondale.
It's SUPER tasty! Caraway seeds have such great flavor. This bread tastes like cake!