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Richmond, VA

This week we went a little further south to Richmond!
We were parked on a stretch of rail on the James River Park System.
There's an awesome-looking walking trail right next to the tracks,
but on the day I'd planned to walk it it was raining pretty hard so I didn't go :P

Once again those boots came in handy.

The arena here is kinda old, and the only way in or out for performers
is a strange ramp. Many of the trailers and company vehicles were parked
indoors, and the elephants and horses were housed in the arena as well.


Because the animals were inside with us, and maybe because of the weather,
many people had colds or sinus issues this week.

Although there were a lot of shows here, there was a little time to wander around downtown.
I got my hair cut, then poked around VCU for a bit and explored Broad and Main streets.
It's a nice town...wish we'd had a bit more time here!

I got to see the Main Street Station from street level for the first time.
I've driven past it many times when traveling between PA and NC.

You can see how close it is to the highway.

(photo courtesy rainbowdangerclub.com)

Under the overpass is a huge sculpture by John Newman...I walked right under it without noticing at first!

Probably the most exciting thing for me this week was
getting to play on the other side of the bandstand!
Our bandstand is split, with the horns, key 2 and guitar on one side and
bass, drums, key 1 and bandmaster on the other.

Brett (bandmaster) has generously offered to teach some of us to conduct.
I don't expect to do it any time soon and hopefully won't have to, but it's important to have at least
one backup conductor, because we're all human (even Brett ;D).
I was surprised at how much more I was able to see from his side of the portal!
Many of the cues that I'd been confused about became clear when I was watching from that side.

There's a lot of work to be done before I'd feel comfortable conducting.
It was super fun to watch and learn, though!

Right before Menage (the act where the elephants perform) there is a dance number.
The dancers come out from Brett's side of the portal.
He puts Skittles on the edge of the bandstand for them to pick up before they do their thing :)

Jazz hands!

Well, nothing else super exciting happened this week...
it rained...we had lots of shows...
Next week we are in Newark.
I used to live and work in Bayonne, only like one Turnpike exit away from where the train will be parked.
Many people are looking forward to spending time in NYC, as we've got a lighter show schedule.

Hopefully I will have something more exciting than muddy train yards to write about!!

Here are some more pictures from Richmond:

Our dressing rooms were all pipe and drape this week.

Breeze staring at me before Band Gag:

My "office".


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Mar. 8th, 2014 06:53 pm (UTC)
Richmond -- AGAIN!?
GREAT WEBSITE BLOG!!! I would love to share with you several "tall tales" from my days on the RED UNIT; let me know and I'll send you the email ATTACHMENTS -- stories I've PUBLISHED in famous Circus magazines such as "BANDWAGON," and world-famous TRAINS Magazine -- all about RBBB Circus.

Jeff Kinum recommended your blog - and I'm GLAD he did! I'm a musician, too, but was on the FLOOR CREW on Ringling'.

Oh -- and I wrote a SEQUEL to the 1952 Circus movie which starred Charlton Heston, and it takes place in OUR TIME on the Red and Blue Units as they are now.... wanna read it?
Mar. 9th, 2014 04:38 am (UTC)
Re: Richmond -- AGAIN!?

Thank you for reading, and for posting. Not many people take time to tell me what they think :)

This blog was started just to keep my family informed of my doings, but since then it has become more popular with circus fans and folk. It comes in handy for people who want to remember what certain cities, train yards, arenas, etc are like.

Jeff seems like a cool guy! Kind of him to share my corner of the internet. When were you on floor crew/which unit? And what instrument do you play?

Thank you for offering to share your articles with me! I'd love to read them. And the "GSOE" movie sequel too!

Great to hear from you/meet you! Thanks again!
Mar. 9th, 2014 04:39 am (UTC)
Re: Richmond -- AGAIN!?
My email address is posaune@live.com, please feel free to send those documents to that address if you like.

(I will delete this post once you've seen it, 'cause I don't want to be spammed)
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