September 8th, 2021

All The Breads

Here is the very first loaf of whole wheat bread that I ever made.

And here is a loaf of whole wheat bread that I made tonight....using THE SAME RECIPE.

(Here's that recipe if you're interested:

I owe Jameson big, giant hugs for getting me started on this bread-baking journey!

For my birthday, he gifted me Bonnie O'Hara's Bread Baking for Beginners, a VERY good food scale, and a rustic bread kit including a banneton proofing basket and scorer.

Here is a list of all the bread types I've made since receiving this book:

  • Rustic white boule

  • Wheat boule

  • Baguette

  • Ciabatta

  • Lemon fougasse

  • Focaccia

  • Oatmeal bread

  • White loaf

  • Wheat loaf/rolls

  • English muffins

  • Challah

  • Chocolate babka

  • Brioche

  • Orange blossom brioche

  • Black pepper parmesan boule

  • Cinnamon rolls

  • Irish soda bread

  • Bagels

  • Pretzel rolls

  • Bagels

  • Pizza dough

  • Rye

  • Japanese matcha milk bread

  • Tangzhong whole wheat

Not all of these breads are in the recipe book that Jameson got me.
But it was his encouragement, and the wonderfully helpful instructions in that book, that gave me the confidence to branch out and attempt to make so many things.

It's been an amazing journey, more fun and therapeutic than I could have imagined.

In a few weeks I'll have to stop baking bread for quite a long time.
This is probably the Number Two thing I'm going to miss the most while on tour (Number One, of course, being my Jameson.)
But you know what's nice? I'll get to visit bakeries, and try the amazing breads that OTHER people make!


And when I get back from tour, I'll get to learn how to make SOURDOUGH!