August 16th, 2021

TOOTSIE The Musical, National Tour

Finally I can make a formal announcement.

This Fall, I will be going on tour as a trombonist with TOOTSIE The Musical.


When does the tour start? How long does it run?

The tour starts with rehearsals at the beginning of October and runs through June 2022 (9 months).
There is also an opportunity for an extension, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

What is the show about?

It's a musical comedy based on a 1982 movie of the same name. From

"Michael Dorsey is a skilled actor with a talent for not keeping a job. His volatile, stubborn nature gives him a reputation for being a difficult actor and a director’s worst nightmare. After a string of failed auditions, Michael is turning forty and desperate. He is further riled when his best friend and roommate, Jeff, reminds him of the ambitious ‘To-Do List’ he made to accomplish before he turned forty. Michael has a bright idea and decides to make one last-ditch effort at achieving theatrical success."

What cities will the tour visit, and how can I get tickets?

You can find show locations and ticketing information on the show's official website, HERE.
We haven't received any details on complementary friends/family tickets yet, but when I get this info I'll share it here.

The website says this is the Broadway show. Is this a tour, or are you playing on Broadway in NYC?

TOOTSIE on Broadway closed in 2020. The show has been licensed to Troika Entertainment and is now going on national tour. So unfortunately no, I will NOT be playing on Broadway!

The production team is using the original Broadway website and social media pages for the tour. There aren't many updates just yet, but once we start rehearsals in October you can expect to see more content. 

What are some of the covid safety precautions for seeing a live theatre show right now?

   - You will likely be asked to wear a mask during the show.
    - Seating will be socially distanced, and you will be asked to socially distance in public spaces.
    - Depending on regulations in your state, you might be asked to provide proof of vaccination in order to attend.

What will your schedule look like?

Shows will mostly take place every evening, Tuesday through Sunday, with some afternoon matinees on the weekends.
Monday is consistently either a travel day or a day off.
I don't know what the day-to-day will be like just yet, but am looking forward to finding out!

How did you get the gig?

It was very unexpected.
Two years ago I wrote a letter of inquiry and submitted it to several production companies, along with portfolio materials (headshot, resume, audio/video media, etc).
This June, Troika Entertainment reached out to ask if I would be interested in joining the TOOTSIE national tour.
They had kept my information on file this entire time.
So put your name out there kids, because you never know when someone will need you!

Can we hang out before/after the show? Can I come say "Hi" at intermission?

Unfortunately due to covid precautions, you will not be able to approach the orchestra pit or stage during intermission, or before and after the show.
I am also not allowed to bring you backstage for a tour, or find you to say hi during intermission or immediately before/after the show.
We can hang out, but it will have to be WELL before showtime or WELL after the show, somewhere besides the theater.

Are you going to share updates from the road, like you did when you were with the circus?

Yes! I will be posting weekly updates as we travel from city to city.

You will get to see:
    -  The venues where we will perform,
    -  the sights and points of interest that I get to see in each city,
    -  behind-the-scenes and glimpses of what goes on backstage (as permitted),
    -  and see what it's like for us to travel from place to place by bus, truck, train, and plane.

My plan (subject to change) is to post every week on Sunday or Monday evenings.

In the days and weeks leading up to the tour start in October, I will be sharing some of my packing and other preparations for going out on tour.

Stay tuned!

Would you consider starting a tour TikTok?

TBD. It's been suggested, and I'm considering it. I have an account but have not used it to post.
We will see how things work out once the tour gets going.


So that's what's up, folks.

As stated earlier, this was completely unexpected. I'm very excited, and also very nervous.
Practicing has been going well. Like a lot of musicians post-covid, I was getting rusty and needed to work some things back up. But I am confident that we are going to provide some AWESOME music for this show!

Probably the hardest thing about going on tour is leaving loved ones behind, even if it's only temporary.
I'm going to miss Jameson very much! But we are both musicians and we support each other's professional endeavors, recognizing that there will come opportunities that may take us away from each other for periods of time. Jameson has been 100% behind me, supportive and caring through the whole pandemic and now as I head out on this new adventure. I just hope I get the opportunity to return that amazing supportiveness in the near future!

Today I gave notice at work. I have done a lot of general prep already such as renewing my passport, signing up for TSA PreCheck, buying all sorts of supplies that I hope will be useful, and tying up loose ends.

Look forward to weekly updates. I'm excited to bring you along on this adventure!


A Short PS:

As you are probably aware, the arts and entertainment industry has been devastated by the covid-19 pandemic.
Things are just now starting to open back up, but it's very gradual, cautious, and uncertain.
There are still many musicians, artists, actors, performers, and entertainers waiting to be able to do what they love again post-covid.

Knowing this, I am especially humbled and grateful for this incredible opportunity to perform once again.
While I am performing with this tour, every single night as I warm up in the orchestra pit I will be thinking of all the people who want to be sitting where I'm sitting, but cannot due to the current situation.
With those folks in mind, I will perform to the best of my ability every single night.
That doesn't mean I won't make mistakes :) It just means that I understand the value of what I'm doing, and will be putting forth my best effort for every show.

As your personal safety allows, please consider supporting the arts with your presence, your purchases, and your applause.
So many people want to go back to bringing joy and music and FUN back into our lives.
We can do it gradually, and we can do it safely, by supporting each other and being responsible and aware in public places.

Thanks for reading...I hope to see you in the audience soon!