November 23rd, 2019

Christmas Shopping Begins

Not a lot to report again this week, except that I decided to take care of as much Christmas shopping as possible before Thanksgiving.

It's really rare for me to get my act together with gift-buying this early.
Then again, it's easier to do it because I'm not in a different city every week having valuable gifts forwarded through eight mailrooms to hopefully end up wherever I am on any given day.
The little joys of stationary life.

But seriously, I'm really glad to be able to do this. I feel like it's been ages since I've been able to actually assemble gifts for people, like thoughtfully and completely. I even sent advent calendars to all of my siblings this week, just for fun and nostalgia. And I hope they'll enjoy their presents too!

Jameson had his usual work, but also did a special event for Disney that sounded really amazing! I can't share any details because it was a private event for a family, but it looked like a lot of fun and I'm glad he got to do it. He even had to wear a tux! Oooooooh I love a man in a suit, let me tell you! I begged him to let me see him in it after his performance. WOOOOOO!!!

He's taken ladies ;)

Anyway, nothing spectacular happened this week for me, just work as usual and starting to think about Thanksgiving. Next week already! Good grief!

On Thursday I did as many in-person actual-physical Christmas shopping errands as I could. I sent off the advent calendars, rerouted a lost package, visited the Florida Mall for two gifts, Premium Outlets for some stocking stuffers, and Disney Springs for a little something for Elliotte. Back home I unpacked and ate lunch, hit the gym, returned a library book and got a new one, and picked up some groceries. I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned the bathrooms, then finally flopped down to enjoy a little Me Time before Jameson got home.

On Friday we had someone come in to give us an estimate for new blinds for the house! Jameson picked out some honeycomb blinds that will look really nice and hopefully block out enough light to help us sleep better and reduce glare on the TV. After that we went to the gym (even though we are both sore!) and had lunch.

After that I hit my big project for the week: cleaning the pool enclosure screens!
The screens collect pollen, mildew, dead bugs, etc over time. I've been wanting to clean them since first moving in, but didn't have the right equipment. Finally I've gathered all the brushes and stuff I need, so it was time to hit it. It took I think an hour and a half, but I think next time it'll be quicker because I'll know what I'm doing. It was very satisfying to watch all the green slime wash away. Can you see a difference?

After that I was pretty awfully tired, so took a little break before starting on dinner. This week I chose a "Sloppy Jose's" recipe from Dude Diet with a side of oven-roasted green beans in a red wine mustard glaze. I didn't take pictures because I was just too tired and just wanted to cook and eat. it's sloppy joe's, you've seen 'em before. The only difference with these was a bit of a Mexican bent to the seasonings and the inclusion of pinto beans, hence "Sloppy Jose's" instead of "Joe's".

Anyway, they turned out pretty good. We ate and I cleaned up while Jameson relaxed before his gig.
He's just left and I'm here typing this up and getting ready for the start of my work week tomorrow.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is so soon. I hope I remember everything I need for it!!

Note, I will probably not post next week due to the holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There's a lot to be thankful for.