November 16th, 2019

Jameson's Birfday :)

Week got off to a good start.

On Saturday I was able to swing by se7enbites to get Jameson and I some treats! It's been a while since we've hit their bakery now that we live farther away. I got us each a "ding dong", a "Charlie Brown" for him (chocolate cookie with peanut butter filling) and an Earl Grey scone for me. I was surprised at how much I could taste the tea in my scone!

I had a nice gym morning on Sunday before work. I incorporated the suggestions my one-on-one coach gave (less cardio, more weights) and enjoyed a protein shake. After work we had a chill night at home. Jameson has a lot of gigs this week and is recovering from his own body being a d*ckhead so it was good to just chill out.

Monday through Wednesday were pretty standard stuff, I worked and came home and spent time with Jameson, doing a few little chores here and there.

Thursday was Jameson's birthday!! He didn't really feel like celebrating, but I was hoping to make the day a little special for him, so got him some gifts! Two books that had been on his wishlist, and a customized birthday card featuring him drawn into the cast of The Office! He seemed to really like them :) His parents also facetimed to say hello and watch him open his gift from them, a set of outdoor string lights! We put them up over the pool. They're solar-powered so they're a bit dim currently, it will take a little while before we see them fully lit. Can't wait!

And yes, we do need two more strings haha. We've ordered them and they're on the way!
In the evening we went to see Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. Before going we watched The Shining (embarrassed to say I've never seen it before!) and that turned out to be a good idea because there were tons of references. We both enjoyed the movie a lot!

Friday, Jameson had rehearsal for a special Disney event in the afternoon and evening. I went to the gym and visited Lowe's for some pool deck cleaning equipment, including an outdoor hose and nozzle. I'd wanted to get a push broom and soft bristle brush for cleaning the screen enclosure, but Lowe's had a surprisingly poor selection so I'll have to wait until Saturday when I'm near a Home Depot to get what I need.

So instead of scrubbing the pool area, I decided to do a little cooking for the week. Nothing fancy, just food to have in the fridge since we're both leading busy lives. I boiled some eggs and separated a pomegranate, then made what I call "Jameson's Epic Chicken Salad". It's chicken breast, pasta, mayo, mustard, celery, edamame, and spices. Makes a great meal during the week when we don't have time to cook.

After a little hesitation I also decided to try making chicken piccata using Alton Brown's Everyday Cook cookbook (one of the books I got Jameson for his birthday.) Hesitant because despite being a fairly straightforward recipe, the actual cooking instructions were very precise and a little intimidating. But it turned out all right :)

I dredged each chicken thigh in flour and pounded them flat, then flash-fried them with oil and butter. Then the mushrooms and capers went into the pan for a bit. Then the chicken came back into the pan with some white wine and broth, simmered low for about 10 minutes. I think it turned out very flavorful, although personally I like when my chicken piccata has a little crisp to it and simmering it detracted from that. Still though! Yum!

After that it was finally time to chill out for a bit. I watched some random cartoons online, ran the dishwasher, and packed my lunch for tomorrow.

This week Jameson will be busy most nights with this Disney event, so I'll probably be chilling and doing chores at night.
You know, sometimes I am still sad that I'm not getting to "be a musician". But I also have to admit that having some time to figure out my next steps while learning to be a little more domestic is actually really nice. I'm enjoying it now, because come 2020 there will be a lot of change in store.