November 9th, 2019

Getting Old Sucks

The first week of November.

Nothing to report.

Jameson was feeling under the weather this week. There seems to be not a whole lot I can do for him, so I just try to be here and be helpful around the house. He has a medical condition that every once in a while rears its head. When that happens I want to be here and be as supportive as I can.

On a positive note, one thing we are looking forward to is going to see Sara Bareilles at the end of the month. She is so awesome.
We've also got tickets for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in December.
I love going to concerts with Jameson, so I'm really looking forward to both of these!

I recently found out that I've got some serious Paid Time Off (PTO) accrued at work, almost a week's worth!
But the question is what to do with it. It needs to be used up before the end of the year as it can't be paid out and won't roll over.
Jameson's schedule looks pretty inflexible, so I'm not sure we'd be able to plan a trip over the holidays.
The only thing I've found to do with it so far is maybe take December 8th off. It's a Sunday and there's the Orlando Farmers Market plus the Winter Park Christkindl! It would be a nice day for me to follow the little hippie voice my mother installed in me as a child. She always loved farmers markets and thrift stores and handmade crafts. While on tour I felt I had a serious knack for finding these things in just about any city. I called it my "hippie sense".

Anyway, this week went by as weeks do. Jameson has some gigs coming up this month and has started rehearsing for them now.
I am just kind of holding down the fort, trying to enjoy the last of 2019 because in 2020 there are a lot of changes in store for me.

Let's skip right to my days off.
On Thursday Jameson had a morning rehearsal, so I had a quiet breakfast before going to the gym.
After coming home and getting cleaned up I hit the grocery for some ingredients to make tuna melts today and breakfast Friday. I ate lunch and spent several hours doing household chores.

The tuna melt recipe was from Dude Diet again, it's a really good recipe book so you're going to see a lot of that here.
Mayo was replaced by avocado, and chopped turkey bacon was included for texture and flavor.
I mixed those plus dijon mustard, chopped sweet pickles, shallots, lemon juice, and spices in a bowl with the tuna, then spooned it onto six whole wheat English muffin halves. I topped each melt with a slice of tomato and some grated cheddar. Into the broiler for about 10 minutes (the recipe said 3 but I like my cheese a little browned on top) and they were done! It's not the most beautiful meal but it was very tasty.

Thursday evening was spent just taking it easy, Jameson finishing up God of War and me finishing up Eye of the World.

On Friday we made the pancakes!
These are oat-based, so they're more dense and textured than the fluffy buttermilk pancakes you'd get at a restaurant.
Another Dude Diet recipe, so again the whole point is to provide a healthy alternative to foods we crave.
The batter was made from ground oats, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, vanilla, almond milk, an egg, some maple syrup, and some lemon zest. Whisked it together and got it going on the stove.

We had them topped with the blueberry preserves we bought from Lake Catherine Blueberry farm, as well as fresh blueberries and whipped cream. They were pretty dang good!

I made some extra and am looking forward to having them as leftovers.

After that I cleaned up and did some more chores, scrubbing the shower and swiffering the tile portions of the floor. I also went to the gym for a bit.
Because Jameson is not already in enough pain today his body decided to throw out his back, so he spent the day trying to lie still and having online meetings with some of his students. After the gym I joined him, watching tv and reading my book. Resting is great and I love it.

At night Jameson had a gig. I was worried about him moving his gear with his back and all, but he felt he should still go. Blargh. I packed my lunch and enjoyed a little solo tv time with a glass of wine.

Tomorrow is Saturday and the start of another work week for me.
I'm glad to start it off with a clean house and a full fridge.