July 13th, 2019

Packing It Up

We worked as usual, but now the house is a mess as we do a little packing each day.
We still have two weeks, but I feel panicky just looking around...it seems like there's so much to do! But it's probably not as bad as I think. Probably.

This week was an emotional roller coaster for Jameson. Things keep sort-of progressing, and then another issue comes up that needs to be addressed. I suppose this is just part of selling and buying at the same time, but my goodness. I'm looking forward to everything being over so that he can relax.

I had a nice work week, nothing particularly special happened. This is my second week at over 97% accuracy for the whole week, so I'm really happy with that.

On Thursday (the start of my "weekend") I went to the dentist to address some sensitive teeth that are getting worse, and got some medicine for that. Jameson was at work, so I stuck around the house to do some chores and wait for the AC people to come and fix the work they've already done because apparently they're incompetent. I did laundry, got groceries, packed up the kitchen a bit, cleaned the bathrooms.

On Friday Jameson had a lot of work to do with making sure his mortgage company hadn't screwed him over (They misquoted his monthly rate and down payment by around $7,000. Because again, no one seems capable of doing the job they're hired to do.) Once that was taken care of he had some student meetings while I packed up some more of the kitchen. Then we dropped a box of binders off with Jameson's friend, picked up some more stuff at Lowe's, got groceries, grabbed dinner, and came home.

While in the grocery we came across Stranger Things 3-themed ice cream, and with silent agreement, grabbed one of each flavor. Shadow Sherbet, Portal Praline, and MindFlayer Mint. Yeah they're basic flavors. But...it had to be done. Millennial marketing y'all.

Back at home, we ate, watched a little TV, and packed just a bit more.

Saturday was much the same. I worked, Jameson set up water and internet for us at the new place.
When I was done at work I came home with dinner and we ate, watched TV, and packed.
After a while Jameson developed a migraine, so we stopped for the night. I packed my lunch and we had some quiet time.

It's so strange that we are leaving here in less than 10 days.
It feels like there's so much to do.