June 22nd, 2019

Half Normal Half Crazy

This week's episode is a bit more than a week long due to how last week went. Hope you don't mind, all two of you.

Friday was a busy day of preparing for life. Laundry, cooking meals for the week, boiling eggs, making iced tea for Jameson, running misc errands, making appointments.

Saturday, work. It was nice to come back and get settled back in, remember how to do everything. I made sure to wear my "Auntiesaurus" shirt :) After work Jameson's apartment was getting inspected, so I took the car for an oil change (had meant to do that yesterday) and ran a few smaller errands. At home, dinner and then trying to work a potential gig into my schedule for September. That's pretty far in the future, but asking for time off at work is complicated and this gig covers the entire month. I'll need to not only request time off but also request additional hours on days when I normally wouldn't be working. Ugh. But if it works out, it could be fun.

When Jameson got home we talked about our day, then he played Kingdom Hearts while I packed lunch and spent a little time relaxing.

Sunday and Monday were kind of more of the same. Jameson is freaking out a little bit about this buying-a-house-while-selling-an-apartment thing, totally understandable, I just wish I could take some of the pressure off him. I've offered to buy some appliances and take a class to learn how to care for the pool, and of course I'll continue cleaning and all the stuff I do to try and help. But I want it to be more.

Maybe soon. Who knows. I keep applying for jobs. The silence is deafening -_-

Tuesday was a good day at work because I truly, finally became a full time employee. My 90-day trial period was over.
(speaking of which, if I had previously made this statement in my blog at the 60-day mark, turns out I was incorrect. whoops.)

I am so, so grateful that CapTel hired me and did not shitcan me the moment my trial ended. All I want is a job. I just want to be helpful, useful, worthwhile. That's it. I know it's a lot to ask, that's why I'm incredibly grateful to keep this job for this long and as long as possible.

It was also a good day at work because I got a good score on my daily evaluation. Yay!

Wednesday was great because it's my Friday :) His apartment got inspected and everything is ok except for "something in the attic", which is the HOA's territory. The house he'd like to move into also got inspected and the AC is broken. Of course! So we are having it evaluated to see what is wrong, how much it will cost to fix, and of course who will be paying for it :P

It was a normal day at work for me, nice and relaxing. After work it was raining pretty hard. I decided to stop at a restaurant that I've passed many times on the commute. It's called Viet-nomz, meaning my Hipster Sense requires me to go in there at least once based solely on the name. Glad I did!! They have some amazing stuff in there, including pho of course! I got a pretty basic pho since it was my first time there, double chicken with veggie broth (the cashier recommended veggie over the other broths).

Before leaving the parking lot I had a good long gawk at the sky, which was swirling and looking incredibly ominous. And then a tornado warning came on the radio. Sooooo I sat in my car and waited to see which way things were going. I have been caught in my car too close to a tornado before (Brooklyn 2010) and did not want a repeat experience. Better to stay put and dive into the grocery or something if I had to.

Thankfully it turned out to be just a fast-moving storm cell, and so I took some footage and went on my way.

Back at home, I assembled my pho. Being part-Japanese I feel like I'm supposed to love ramen more, but pho is just so fresh and aromatic, I love all the herbs and vegetables! Ramen has it's place too, but today was a pho day :)

Thursday was a lovely day off for me. Jameson and I woke up late, and I had breakfast and job hunted while he got a shower and worked on his school stuff. In the afternoon he left for a gig, and I did some chores: washed the sheets, cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed, helped a friend edit a resume, and got groceries. I meant to cook but didn't get around to it. Instead I enjoyed some Handmaid's Tale, a sushi burrito, and a glass of cheap wine. Yum!

On Friday we woke up a bit early, because Jameson was taking me to see the house he might be buying! Even though I'm not financially involved, I am very excited! This would be different than any other living situation I've experienced. And hey, it has a pool!

We looked around inside and made note of the little things here and there that will need work. The realtor was there, and unfortunately he had some crummy news for Jameson about the inspections for both his apartment and this house. Doesn't this always happen when you go to sell/buy a house? You end up having to make a bunch of fixes and pay twice as much as expected :( I feel like I've heard this happen with many of my friends.

Anyway, I felt bad about the news but hopeful about the house. We will see what happens with everything...it's just exciting to be looking!

That evening we went to see a play at Theater West End, Ghost The Musical, because Jameson's friend was the lead! She was AMAZING, and despite my very low expectations the play actually wasn't bad either! We had a great time, this is our second time attending a show at Theater West End and I'm sure we'll be back for more!

Saturday it was back to work for both of us. As I type this Jameson just rushed in from Disney and is gathering his things to play a gig with Barfly. I have been pretty lazy today, just doing work and looking for jobs, nothing special. It always makes me feel bad, but I'm still out of ideas for what to do with myself. Soon it shouldn't matter, because we'll be moving, and hopefully I'll need to start practicing.