June 1st, 2019

Apartment Week

This week was pretty busy for us.

Jameson has started rehearsals for the Epcot "Mix Tape Live" Guardians of the Galaxy band! He has to get up a lot earlier than usual, work for about eight hours, then come home and do more work as an online instructor with LA Film School. He is having fun, but it is definitely an awful lot of work and he's very tired :/

Compared to him, I feel almost embarrassed to have as much free time as I do. I'm going to work as usual, but my job is blessedly low-stress, so when I get home from it I tend to feel as though my day has just started. That said, I am at least trying to be helpful. We have both been working hard to get Jameson's apartment cleaned up for the listing photoshoot. I've done most of the heavy cleaning to spare Jameson from that on top of everything else he's got going. Last week I cleaned all the windows in the house, the fan blades, and scrubbed the laminate countertops with baking soday to remove stains. This week We both started hiding appliances and getting our personal effects out of sight.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned both bathrooms, and polished the stainless steel appliances.
Thursday was a day off for me, and the photographers were coming at 12:30. I ate breakfast, got dressed, then did one final sweep of the house. I put away any remaining items and did a little touch-up cleaning. Per the photographer's instructions, I turned on all the lights in the house and opened all the curtains/blinds. I carried my trombones to my car just to free up a little more space in the studio.

The realtor and photographer both arrived fifteen minutes early, and after introductions got right to work! I had planned to be out of the house for them, but they insisted that it would only take a little while, so I stuck around. And I'm glad I did! It was fun to watch them build a little script, record an intro/outro, and line up lighting and shots. Jameson's Smart Hue bulbs turned out to be a really nice photo aid; for the first part of the shoot they used white lights and switched to a warmer tone later. Convenient. We must have done a good job cleaning up because the only thing that they ended up moving/changing was Jameson's big recliner. Yay!

During a little break between shoots, we talked a bit and the photographer mentioned that he had just bought a condo because his girlfriend is moving in with him. He was genuinely excited about what a big step this was for both of them, and their relationship.

I pondered this. I mean...I guess it's normal in a relationship where two people aren't married, for just one of them to be the homeowner (in fact it's recommended haha). So I don't know why it just feels so weird to me. Well, maybe I do know. For my entire life, I have always been extremely independent, extremely careful of my finances, and extremely convinced that I would always be the financially responsible party in any circumstances. How can I describe it...it's like mentally I have always been "wearing the pants". Like I just assumed that I would always be the breadwinner. It never even occurred to me that I could find myself in a "supportive role" when it came to a relationship...or that it would be OK for me to do so. I am surprised to realize that I had such a strict mental image of what was expected of me, what I expected of myself. But you know, I am glad to have this realization now. I was wrong to think I needed to always fill a certain role. And wow, it's even OK that I'm wrong. Huh!

Anyway. I'm weird. But I gained a new perspective today and wanted to share.

After everyone had left, I dug a few things out of hiding, but left a lot of things stored because once the apartment is listed, people could come to view it any time. I'll be keeping an eye on clutter/cleanliness levels from now on until the apartment is sold.

The rest of my day was spent doing minor chores and avoiding going to the gym :P
I decided it would be nice to cook dinner for us, and picked up two salmon filets. I seasoned them pretty simply with fresh herbs, pepper, and salt, then cooked them in the sous vide. Then I seared them for a nice crunch. I also roasted some brussels sprouts and made some basmati rice. I wanted to take a picture but forgot because we were hungry and just sort of dove in haha.

Friday, since Jameson really needed to catch up on sleep, of course the power went out like an hour before his alarm went off. Of course. I feel bad for him today, he's got Disney all day and then a late gig at night :/ But that's the hustle. And once he gets through to Sunday, hopefully he'll enjoy a full day of rest.

As for me, I got up a bit later after the power came back on, had breakfast, made iced tea for Jameson, and boiled some eggs for me. Then I took a drive to my favorite thrift store which is called OMG! Thrift. I always find something good there! Something I never mentioned: while on the cruise ship I had an "altercation" with one of the ship's dryers...for some reason it got extremely hot and actually burnt about a third of my clothes!! It also shrank my favorite pair of 100% cotton jeans so badly that nothing I did could fix them. I ended up having to throw out several shirts and pants. I've since replaced a lot of the shirts, but am down to just four pairs of jeans, so thought I'd better find a few more. After an hour or so of hunting I had two pairs of pants and two shirts for $30! Yay!

After that I drove to Target for a few things, then home to relax for a minute before starting dinner. Spaghetti and meat sauce with peas. When Jameson got home he told me a bit about his day, and we watched tv while eating. Too soon he was off to his gig. I cleaned up and got ready for work tomorrow.

Just another week. And one more week until I get to meet little Elliotte!!