May 25th, 2019

Weddings, cheese, dirt

Over the weekend Jameson and I had concerts with Encore, both of which went well. It's a nice group to play with, and I'm glad we got to participate.

On Saturday I was especially nervous because I was playing a wedding in Vero Beach with Elite Showband. Everyone was really nice, great musicians and a really fun set list for the evening of rock, jazz, R&B, and 80s stuff. I felt very much like I was flying by the seat of my pants for most of the gig, but that's just me in general until I calm my tits. Anyway, it was fun. It's been a while since I've played a wedding, probably since living in Kansas City with Flashback KC (great band, I miss them).

I didn't get home until 1am, and just as I kicked my shoes off I realized that I left my (expensive) Zojirushi thermos in the ballroom. Two hours away in Vero Beach. DANGIT!!

Sunday, I had work and Jameson had a day off (he needs it, his summer is about to get crazy).
Work was pretty good, Dragon and I got along well today so I had few captioning errors. That always feels nice :)

Although this job doesn't pay the greatest, I am doing well and therefore enjoying it. This job requires a lot of accuracy, a long attention span, confidentiality, and strict adherence to all of the rules. There's no question about what you should be doing and when. Probably why I like it so much: when it is clear when the breaks are and who is doing what work and on what criteria one is evaluated, I find it so much easier to just work. Just do my job, and focus on it, and do my best. That's all I want to do. And here, so far, I am able to do that.

So even though it doesn't pay the greatest, I am very grateful for this job. Being able to do work that is fulfilling relaxes me and allows me to have a more positive attitude about lots of other things.

If you are curious about what I'm actually doing, this video is a good example. Basically I am listening to what someone says, and I am trying to repeat their words almost immediately after in order to create captions for the hearing-impaired client. It requires some concentration, especially when you have a fast talker or someone with a strong accent.

Anyway, that was Sunday. Monday, more work for me and installing a new front door for Jameson :) It's a really nice door with a really nice seal to keep the bugs out! We had dinner together at a new Thai place, then just chilled for the evening.

Tuesday, I had lots of errors at work, at least in the sample that my supervisor took for evaluation. Of course just when I say to myself "I'm getting better at this!" immediately the very next day Murphy's Law has to come and sit on my head and fart in my face. Thanks for that. Oh well, I got through it and hopefully will do better on Wednesday. Jameson had a gig so I cleaned up around the apartment a little bit, then watched the Game of Thrones finale episode. I don't know what people were so upset about...there were a limited number of ways that this could end, and without further books to draw from I think the producers and writers did the best they could possibly have done. I'll not say the same about "The Long Night" though. Ugh.

Anyway. Wednesday was slightly better at work, but still not as good as I would like. Jameson and I had a simple Subway dinner, then started looking at a checklist given to us by his realtor to help us prep his apartment for a photoshoot. As part of listing it for sale. Exciting! At first the list seemed overwhelming, but in just minutes we had cleared most of the kitchen and actually made quite a lot of progress.

Thursday, it was my lovely day off! Jameson happened to have the day free too, so we enjoyed sleeping in and catching up on chores and watching TV. In the evening I made grilled mac and cheese sandwiches with tomato soup! I used brioche bread, and havarti, cheddar, and parmesan cheeses. I was worried about lactose because this recipe did call for evaporated milk, but I made sure to take Lactaid. Anyway, it was delicious and totally worth the risk!!

Friday, I went to work for just a few hours to make up for the time I lost working the wedding last Saturday (my work week is Saturday-following Sunday). It went pretty well, and when I came home I began doing some of the heavier cleaning required for the apartment photoshoot. I wiped down all of the windows and the glass sliding doors. I cleaned the blades of every fan in the house. I scrubbed the kitchen countertops with baking soda to remove stains. I scrubbed the bathtubs and tile with a Magic Eraser, then wiped them down with CLR. After that I needed a break, so Jameson and I went to Moe's for dinner and relaxed before he left for his gig. While he was gone I got ready for work tomorrow and just chilled.

Today I have work for six hours, then I'm coming back home to work some more on apartment cleaning. The photoshoot is on Thursday so there's plenty of time, but there are some things that I can do now. Today will be packing away some of the things I don't use, and gathering things for the thrift store/trash, and making space in cabinets and closets to hide some of our appliances while photos are being taken. As we get closer to Thursday I will hide more stuff, and do some regular cleaning like vacuuming and dusting the night before. Should be good.

Jameson is about to begin rehearsals for Guardians of the Galaxy again. It's gonna get busy around here!