April 27th, 2019

Warm Week

Monday was pretty chill.

I went to work and about 30 minutes into my day the fire alarm went off. Since I didn't smell smoke or see/hear any sign of danger, I continued captioning the call I was on (also, I had no way to end the call myself) until a supervisor came over to close out my call and tell me to head outside. There's construction in the building attached to ours, and they think somebody tripped the fire system, which must run between both buildings.

Anyway, extra 15 minute break! Yay haha.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I had my monthly job skills check and passed, which is nice. Now I just need to make it for another month and I will actually "have a job".

After work I went to the store for a few things, then came home and had leftovers with Jameson. We spent the night just relaxing, we haven't been terribly busy but somehow we both just needed to chill.

Tuesday and Wednesday, honestly just more of the same. Sometimes I wish I could talk about work more, but nondisclosures and confidentiality are important. I would certainly want that if I were using a live captioned phone. Anyway, work was just work, and at home I ate and spent time with Jameson and all that good stuff. On Tuesday night we had Encore rehearsal, the first time we've been in a show together for a while, and that was nice.

On Wednesday, the air conditioner broke. This is a big deal because we JUST got it fixed, and it was VERY expensive for Jameson. And now the whole unit needs to be replaced. I don't understand why every single thing in this apartment is breaking. Am I bad luck for appliances? We are both trying to save money but having something break every other month is pretty dang prohibitive to having a savings.

So on Thursday Jameson spent some time negotiating with the repair company. His reasoning is that we've already paid a lot to fix certain parts of it...why should we have to pay to have the fixed parts replaced again? The technician at least seems to agree, but we'll see what the final say is. In the meantime, Jameson got a haircut, I did some networking stuff and even took a surprise job interview, and then we chilled out until it was time to go see Avengers Endgame!!

Jameson's friend got us tickets so that we could go together as a group! Since it was opening night, it was packed, but because it was a theater full of Marvel fans it was pretty fun. People applauded and cheered for certain characters, and funny moments were even more funny with a whole theater laughing :) It was a great movie, and yer not gettin' any spoilers outta me! :P Definitely worth seeing if you've been following this Avengers arc, and if not, I suggest you catch up on some of those movies!

Friday, we had a pretty relaxing day. My phone interview has led to an in person interview, so I made some preparations for that. Jameson and I went to the gym together, and then he spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing as he had a gig that night with Barfly. I ran to Target to get me some discount Easter candy and brought home a nice little stash :) I answered some questions on Quora, and reviewed some music that I've got to learn for a gig coming up in May. And after Jameson left for his gig, I played a little Castlevania. Good Lord that game is hard.

Today I'm getting ready to go to work. Jameson has another gig tonight...I will eat dinner with him and then practice. The air conditioner is supposed to be fixed on Monday.