April 13th, 2019

Food for Thought

Saturday was pretty good to me. I did some "air trombone" practicing on some jazz music for a volunteer concert I've got coming up...air tromboning is especially good when you haven't practiced in a while, it lets you just get those pesky rhythms and muscle memory out of the way so that when you do pick up the horn (which I will do tomorrow) you can focus on restoring your chops, sound quality, and other things. I just find the songs on YouTube and listen along while miming the slide movements.

I haven't played in a month and it's going to be weird. But I've taken breaks like this before. I don't like to do it because you lose so much endurance and control and such. But sometimes it does happen.

After that I took care of some errands, picked up a few things from Target, and enjoyed some pizza from Lucky's for dinner while watching anime and emailing some friends and family. After dinner I decided to hit the gym, just because tomorrow I might not have time/I might want to spend my time with my Jameson :)

Sunday, I had breakfast and enjoyed a relaxing morning while thinking about how to maximize my time this week. Mostly I'll just need to include practicing in my schedule, in between work and the gym. So I did practice, and later that night Jameson and I went to a going-away party for one of his friends at work, the one who made me those elephants stickers I posted last week! We had a nice time together and some great food. I enjoyed hearing their stories from work, and telling a few circus stories too! And the food was great! I had a bison burger with pineapple, provalone and bacon on a pretzel bun. Jameson had a buffalo chicken and waffle sandwich with bleu cheese fondue.

On Monday I had work...my first day of real work, not training! I was a little nervous, and arrived early because I've been assigned to a room I've never used before. But everything went smoothly, and I had a really nice day of just being able to work without worrying about a person staring at my every move behind me. My supervisor will still take samples of my work every day just to evaluate how I'm doing, and I will still have a monthly "test". But I don't mind. Just...let me work. haha.

That night we drove out to Sanford to the Theater West End to see Wild Party. Several of Jameson's theater friends and Disney cast members were performing in the show. It was AMAZING. I swear, the level of talent around here is incredible! We had an awesome time. Due to a little snafu with our dinner, we found ourselves scarfing sandwiches around 11pm by the time we got home haha. That'll be a fun memory, along with this great show :)

Tuesday, Jameson had callback auditions for the Guardians show, then he went to hang out with his Disney friends. I went to work, the gym, came home, cleaned, packed lunch for tomorrow, contemplated my life. The usual.

Wednesday, more work for me. There seemed to be a lot of technical difficulties for everyone, perhaps because of the storm system moving through the mcountry. Or the SpaceX launch. Or the black hole vibes. Who knows. In any case, it was a good day but I was glad when it was over and I could go home and practice quick and get some Panda Express with Jameson. Later on he relaxed with some video games and the Cubs game while I got ready for work and watched some anime. Both of us are introverts and we respect each other's down time :) At some point in there the power went out for a large chunk of Orlando, including us. We suspect that workers on I-4 hit a power line or something.

Thursday was a normal day, I did all right at work. Jameson got the news that he'll be doing the Galaxy show again this summer, not surprising y'all! He's a talented guy, that Jameson Boyce ;) We will get fancy steak this coming Saturday to celebrate!

I was supposed to go to the gym but decided to get my hair "fixed" (just had it cut last week and unfortunately the hairdresser made some pretty bad mistakes) instead. After that I came home to say hello to Minnie, a little dog belonging to one of Jameson's friends. Jameson had offered to babysit her for the day! She was very sweet and I had fun playing with her a bit before her mom came to pick her up. The rest of the evening was uneventful...Jameson watched the Cubs game and talked to his friends about the audition results and related drama. I played spider solitaire.

We ended up having a sort of "talk" right before bed, because I still struggle with defeatism related to where my life is at right now. We have had this talk before, I'm ashamed to say, and I don't want to go into detail because this was personal stuff. I just want to say that Jameson is incredible, and supportive, and I do not want my bad attitude to continue hurting him. I had hoped that some things would have cleared up for me by now, and they haven't. Maybe my expectations are too high. Well, whatever the reason, I need to be more patient, work harder, and try new tactics. I'm just grateful that Jameson has been so patient with me.

On to Friday: work went well, and I was pretty productive. I practiced, and went to the gym, and sent a few emails that needed sending.


I had work, my first day on my actual full time schedule instead of the training schedule. Afterward I came straight home, we both got changed, and went out for steak at Del Frisco's!

Del Frisco's is a special place for us. I took us there by accident one night while we were in the circus, on a loadout day in Ft Worth. There was a Del Frisco's Grille and a Del Frisco's Double Eagle within a mile of each other, and my GPS took us to the wrong one! We walked in in our jeans and t-shirts, into this upscale steakhouse where there was very clearly a dress code and the menu consisted of dry-aged steaks and such. But we were hungry...and since they weren't opposed to our dress, we rolled with it! It was the best steak we ever had! Two years later we returned to Ft Worth and just had to go there again!

This Christmas while I was on the cruise ship, Jameson was lamenting his lack of steak to me over the phone. I thought it would be nice to find a good steakhouse in Orlando for us. I googled "Best steakhouses Orlando". Guess what was at the top of the list! Del Frisco's!!! I hadn't even known there was one in Orlando! Naturally I got us a gift card. And today we redeemed it. No special reason, just a nice dinner together :)

We started with a wagyu carpaccio which was FANTASTIC.

It was pretty dim so I didn't get good pics of our actual meals. Jameson had the prime porterhouse, I had the regular filet mignon. We enjoyed delicious roasted mushrooms and pearl onions, and a truffle baked potato for sides. Their steak is always so dang perfect. We savored every bite.

Afterward we came home to just chill out. Next week is full of insanity for me...I begin my full time work schedule, and I also have three performances in a row, meaning some long days. Hopefully though, someday, one of these gigs will lead somewhere. That's about all I can do is keep trying and hoping. I mean, I've BEEN trying, but I gotta try something new.