March 30th, 2019

I'm An Aunt!!

On Sunday we relaxed. I had planned to go to the gym, but just didn't feel like it. Hey, as long as I'm hitting 3-4 days per week for now, I think it's fine. I worked on some tax paperwork, and a project I'm doing, and made some final plans for Flat Stanley. Jameson needed to go to Target for a big expandable folder because he's saving his gig receipts for next tax year. I picked up a few things too. Then we went to SusHI for lunch, and came home to continue the relaxation. I packed my lunch for work lunches are simple but healthy.

Later on we had dinner: ramen from Lucky's Market. It was just the thing for Jameson's sore throat, and I'll pretty much never say no to ramen :) It was very good!

Monday, work. We're starting to get tested more and more feedback as well. So far I'm doing good, but again, can't relax until I'm 60 days in. The work is enjoyable though. Afterward I came home to eat dinner with Jameson but left soon after to try and finish my Flat Stanley project. It is surprisingly hard to find somewhere to print photos any more! I tried FedEx first but they was extremely expensive. Turns out Walgreens was the right place, but they only printed half my photos and I didn't notice until I got home! I will have to go back tomorrow. Sigh.

Tuesday, I had a good day at work. We are practicing by shadowing real phonecalls now, which is either incredibly boring or very interesting. I mean, imagine sitting on hold for twenty minutes. Now imagine that your job is to caption the hold dialogue FOR THE ENTIRE TWENTY MINUTES. Your brain could fall out haha. For regular calls, we are not to listen too carefully to the content (these are peoples' private phone conversations after all) but a real conversation is much more interesting because you have to really pay attention to get the nuance and timing right. The goal is to give the listener (a hearing impaired person) the same level of "hearing" as a person with no hearing issues. That means captioning as much as possible, down to the "ums" and "hmms" and even background noise! It can be really challenging, but honestly I kind of like it. It's challenging the same way that music used to be. Timing, inflection, expression, accuracy, articulation. I'll bet I would enjoy any job that requires a combination of attention to detail and day-by-day variation. And I'll bet you can count jobs like that on one hand haha.

Anyway, I went to the gym after work and retrieved my photos from Walgreens, grabbed dinner, and came home. There was laundry and dishes to do, lunch to pack, and the Flat Stanley to finish. Geez! Jameson had a gig at The Villages tonight, so the house was quiet (I don't turn on the TV or anything usually). I did some work and some relaxing stuffs until he got home, then we went to bed.

Wednesday turned out to be exciting because my sister Kayle went into labor!!! My whole family is over in California right now to be there with her for the birth. I'm the only sister who couldn't go :( This is what happens when you go too long without work, you no longer get that kind of freedom. In general, thanks to work, I've missed weddings and graduations and other important events. It sucks.

But anyway. She's having a baby!!! My sister Kate is keeping me updated, but as of now (10:15pm my time) baby hasn't come all the way out yet. I'm trying not to lose sleep over it. Praying for her.

The rest of the day was normal, I had training and for dinner Jameson and I went to BJs. I ate way too much. Including splitting a Cinnamon Toast Crunch pizookie with Jameson. But sometimes you need a day like that, amirite?

Well, remind me of this post if I start whining about being/feeling fat. Started off the week all proud for being healthy and halfway through I'm wolfing down various stuff. Lol!

I slept poorly that night because all I could think about was Kayle and how she was doing and how much pain she might be in, and whether everything was going all right. I can only imagine how the rest of my family felt...they spent the night in the hospital waiting room and certainly got less sleep than I did.

I woke before my alarm and grabbed my phone. No updates...but partway through breakfast there it was!! Kate sent me a text...I had a new baby niece!! WOW!!!!

There were few details for the rest of the day, but I walked around in a fantastic mood and told anyone who asked (or even if they didn't ask) that I was an aunt, and my sister had just had a baby! I'm not even there, but it's such an amazing thing. I'm the oldest of four siblings, three of whom I was there to see through infancy. So even though I'm not there, I recognize the same warm feeling inside, of a new life whose soul fits with yours like a little puzzle piece.

Gosh. I can't wait to meet her.

(yes, her. I completely thought it was going to be a boy. Good thing I didn't bet money :P)

Anyway, it was a good day mostly because of my sister's awesomeness in bringing a human into the world. In addition I got some really great feedback at work. I just...after the way the past year has gone, it's just nice to get an impression of value from an employer. I hope it lasts. After work I spent some time just flipping through all of the baby pictures sent to my phone and curbing the urge to call everyone (they'd been up for like 24 hours remember!). Then I went to the gym and came home to eat dinner with Jameson. He had a surprise for me...check it out!!

It's a handmade decal made by one of his friends. Clearly, each elephant represents each of Ringling's touring units...Red, Blue, and Gold. Red is the largest and in front because, ya know, that's my unit :) and Gold is little and in the back because it was the baby tour! Awww. I love it! I'm going to have a heck of a time deciding where to stick it!!

On Friday I had a good day at work. Two weeks of training complete! Two more to go! After work I had an interview with a job related to my Thing I'm Maybe Doing, it went well but that's what I thought about the last one too and it was a flop, so we'll see. Then I drove home, Jameson was at a gig so I got a shower, had dinner, took care of some errands, and put some thawed chicken boobs in the sous vide so we'll have them to eat this weekend. Exciting stuff. Geez, everything is boring now that there's this baby haha! How far away is June again?? :)

So it was a pretty good week. Tomorrow I think Jameson and I will go see the movie "Us", and then his friend has a gig at Rock n' Brews so we'll be there at night. Should be a good time.

And with it!!!!!!!!!

I love, LOVE this look on my sister's face. <3

Family pic (sans me). Everyone must be exhausted, but look how happy!!

Amazing to see my Dad holding his granddaughter.
(Fun Fact: he wants to be referred to as "G-Pop. Like a gangster". LOL!!!)

This baby is less than 24 hours old and it has better hair than I will ever have in my lifetime! Hahaha