March 23rd, 2019

Sous Vide Magic

On Saturday I drove the nine hours back to Orlando.
I like driving, usually. It's relaxing. It makes me feel like I'm between spaces, with no pressure and no deadlines and no expectations. Sometimes that feels really nice.

I got home in the evening and unpacked, and got caught up with Jameson before he left for his evening gig. He didn't return until late at night, and we both went right to bed.

On Sunday I got up "early" and spent some time catching up on job applications while eating breakfast. Eventually Jameson joined me, and after lunch I went to the gym while he got caught up on Kingdom Hearts. When I was finished, we decided to check out Lucky's Market, a new grocery only a few minutes from the apartment.

Dude. I am SO EXCITED for this grocery! It's like a miniature Whole Foods! The nearest Whole Foods is about 20 minutes away through horrible traffic, and it's always packed. The nearest Trader Joe's is even further away. This place has a bulk section, an excellent meat selection, a cafe, a sushi/ramen bar, AND they prepare and cure a lot of their meat products in-house!!

My sister Kate recently got me a sous vide cooker for my birthday, and we wanted to try it out! Jameson got us some beautiful salmon filets and some asparagus. The salmon was pre-seasoned; we sealed it in a Ziploc bag and put it in the water to cook!

While that was cooking he roasted some asparagus, and I got to work on some basmati rice. Oh my goodness. This was by far the best salmon either of us has ever cooked! The beauty of sous vide is that it cooks the meat perfectly and evenly every time. Even if you forget about your meat, it maintains a stable temperature so that nothing will be ruined. You can cook food for DAYS in there. Anyway, it was amazing and we're excited to cook some chicken with it tomorrow!!

After our wonderful meal I did a load of laundry and packed a lunch for my first day at work training tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm always nervous haha.

I got up early, had a nice breakfast, and went to work. Most of the day was spent filling out employment paperwork and getting set up to clock in and such. We also spent significant time going over the company's nondisclosure/discretion/privacy policies, because this place is run by the FCC and hey, privacy is part of the job. We then learned how to use the Dragon dictation software that will be the main focus of our work each day. It took a little getting used to...much like the dictation program on your phone, the software often misinterprets what you say if you let your words run together or mumble. But after a bit of practice I felt like I was getting the hang of it. I'm looking forward to trying again tomorrow.

Back at home Jameson prepared us a lovely sous vide chicken dinner! The breasts were unusually thick, and while they were cooked through the texture of mine was a little too juicy for the psychological part of me that associates it with raw chicken. Still, the flavor was very good. I think with normal-thickness chicken it would have been great!

My second day at work was pretty good, there was a lot to learn. This job requires a lot of coordination and careful listening, so it takes some practice. There seem to be a lot of good people in our group, and our trainers are really good too. When my day was done I was supposed to go to the gym, but decided to pass because I ended up with a surprise job interview. In case you're wondering, I'm continuing to look for jobs that are related to That Thing I'm Working On And Not Telling Anyone About. The interview went well, and I'll be back on Thursday to do a little shadowing to see if I'd fit in. Of course, this creates a little problem because I've just started this job with CapTel...sigh. Hopefully it will all work out somehow, because I actually need both CapTel and this other job.

On Wednesday I had training again and learned more stuff. I did go to the gym this time, but cut it short because there was a fight outside that cut into my time and also I was just in no mood. I picked up dinner for Jameson and came home to try and pull some parts of my life together and get a little relaxation before bedtime. Jameson is sick right now, with aches and a cough. I feel bad for him. Luckily he's got a slow week this week so he can rest up a bit.

On Thursday I had work, then drove straight to the place for job shadowing. It was...interesting. I'm not sure I'd be a good fit there. But it's just as well, I don't need to complicate things at this point and there's still time to make decisions. ANYWAY, after that I came home and had some chill.

On Friday my first week of training at CapTel was complete, yay! I think it's going well, but I refuse to have any positive thoughts until A) training is over, because they could still decide not to hire me at any time, and B) my 60 day trial period is over, because of what happened with Full Sail, which I will never make the mistake of forgetting again. So as far as I'm concerned I only have a job for three months, and then we'll see. I wish I could be more positive, but these are the reasons why I can't.

After work I went to the gym and put in a real workout this time, then went to Lucky's Market to try some of their prepared foods. I ended up getting misc stuff from the hot was all decent, but nothing to write home about. Next time I want to try the pizza, it looked pretty good! I came home and got cleaned up...Jameson wasn't home tonight, he had a gig way out in Port Charlotte, so I had the apartment to myself. I did a little cleaning, reading, and other quiet activities like I like to do. It was nice.

Today I woke up late, had breakfast and got to work finishing my Flat Stanley activities. I took Stanley out to feed the ducks, and sadly they were not hungry, but I still got a few half-decent photos. Then I went to a craft store to find a little glass corked bottle to hold Stanley's Florida beach sand. Being in a creative mood, I also picked up a little compass charm and some cute labels. When I was a kid I loved stuff like this...hopefully he'll like it too.

Around then Jameson came home from his gig and splatted on the couch. He's still feeling sick and traffic was crummy. He has another gig tonight and needs to rest. I'm going to rest too, and just enjoy the fact that I have a weekend off!