February 23rd, 2019

Just a Week

Gosh, what even happened on Sunday? I've had yet another sinus infection, and it's fuzzing up my brain.

Oh, yeah. I had one Ain't Misbehavin' show. That's about it!!

On Monday I had my final "work" for the "thing" that I'm "doing". It was a very busy day, but I learned a lot. The whole thing has been a great experience. I thanked everyone who was involved, and promised to keep in touch should my plans work out. With the work and documentation that I needed, I came home and sent in the final parts of an application. Now I have to wait and see what happens next.

Jameson and I had a nice dinner, then spent the night playing Kingdom Hearts and just relaxing. Neither of us slept well last night, and we need the rest.

On Tuesday I had a whole day off and it was glorious. I did laundry, and wrote a little, and just enjoyed myself. Jameson beat Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories, which was fun for me to watch. I cooked dinner for the first time since getting home from the ship. I made a spicy honey mustard pork loin with roasted potatoes and peas. I've made the pork loin before and it's pretty darned good. With the potatoes I was out for vengeance because last time they came out soft and mushy, and they stuck to the bottom of the baking tray. This time I definitely got them right with the help of the broiler setting. Yessss.

Wednesday, I had volunteering at the Audubon. It was a windy humid day so there was more work than usual...the sand was wet and hard to move, plus leaves kept blowing everywhere :/ But hey. Any day I get to spend watching caracaras is a good day :)

After that I had a job interview, it was pretty far away but at this point if they're willing to interview me I'm willing to go there. I think the interview went well, but they said they've gotten close to 1,000 applications and will only be holding ten interviews. On one hand I'm grateful that they interviewed me at all. On the other hand, well, that sounds pretty hopeless. It's nice that statistically unemployment is low. Where the hell is the data being gathered for that? Are we counting a single hour of work as "employed"? Or multiple part time jobs? I don't get it.

Anyway. On Thursday I had one Ain't Misbehavin' show, it went well. At home Jameson downloaded Overcooked 2 for us to try. I get really stressed about gaming because I'm pretty much not a gamer at all, and I don't want us to lose a team effort because I don't know how to operate my character and such. But Jameson is patient and it's just a little cooking game, so it was fun :) I'm hoping to get better at it!

Friday, two Ain't Misbehavin' shows. We're on the last four. It's been a lot of fun. Jameson had a gig with Barfly, it went pretty well. He didn't get back until pretty late, and I was already asleep.

Saturday, exactly the same as Friday except I set an alarm so I'd have enough time to go to the gym, shower, and eat lunch before the shows. Our last two shows! They both went very well. After the last one we packed our things, then shared big pieces of cake and drinks together in the lobby. The cast presented the theater owners with a beautiful collage of photos from their time together on the show. Because this show took place in Winter Park, a traditionally affluent WASPy neighborhood, this presentation of Ain't Misbehavin' was pretty groundbreaking. The cast had a lot of amazing things to say about the theater, the show, and their experiences performing in this venue in this time and place and political climate. I had meant to peace out pretty early, but ended up staying late because I wanted to hear everything the castmembers had to say.

Well...eventually I said my goodbyes. This was a fun show, and these were wonderful people to work with. I'm very grateful.