February 16th, 2019

Friends Food Fun

Hmm, let's see.

On Sunday Jameson and I had a date night! We had a nice dinner at Marlow's Tavern...Jameson got a tasty black-and-blue burger with a side of jalapeno grits, and I had the shrimp and white cheddar grits! Freaking delicious!

Then we went to see the second LEGO movie! It was good, but not as funny as the first one. I think it might have been geared toward a younger crowd. But it was still well done and very enjoyable.

On Monday I had more "work" for my future life plans or whatevs. I got to see a lot of cool stuff that I wish I could share with you. Oh well. :p
Once that was done I picked up dinner and came home to do more work, watch TV with Jameson, and look for jobs. Any jobs. You know, I was all excited to have more interviews this year, yet once again I seem to be getting passed over. I wish I had any idea why. I'm trying to be positive, but some of the frustrations are creeping back. What is it? Am I not good enough? Am I doing something wrong? This is supposed to be a good economy right now...why is it that I can't find a job? Just, why? Honestly, I'm still upset. It's upsetting. I mean, I'll bite my tongue and try not to, like, aspire to anything and be grateful for whatever I end up with. But just, why?

Sorry, some days are harder than others, and today as I'm typing this it's a hard day.

Anyway, on Tuesday I didn't have anything to complain about because I got to spend the morning relaxing and the evening going to Disney with Jameson and Tom and his wife Jennifer! Tom was a keyboardist in the circus band, and we have a lot of fond memories together. Time to make some more!

We met them near the tram station, and after a quick meal, it was time to ride some rides! We hit Haunted Mansion and that train mine ride, and the new Snow White/Seven Dwarves mine ride which was very similar but more modern. All of them were a ton of fun, I screamed like an idiot on every turn! Of course Jameson and I had to have our Dole Whips, delicious as always. When it was time for the fireworks we found a spot in front of the castle. Because this was a special event for Disney Vacation Club (Tom's wife is a member) the crowd was light and we were able to get quite close!

I didn't record the whole thing because I was busy experiencing it, and I know that there are already many high-quality videos of this out there. So here are both of the fireworks shows, "Once Upon A Time" and "Happily Ever After". I was absolutely blown away by the holographic mapping of the castle. There were times when I swear the towers were dancing, or burning, or even launching into space! Really! Check it out.

After that we had another snack, then rode some more rides like It's A Small World, Pirates, and the Buzz Lightyear shooting game (I won for once!!).

Too soon we had to leave because I had to get up early the next morning for a thing. Tom and Jennifer walked us back to the entrance, and we parted with hugs and promises to see each other again soon. What awesome people.

The next morning I felt exhausted and like another cold was coming on (didn't I JUST freaking have one of these?? God.) There was a lot to do and I went and did it. I learned a lot and had a good day even though I was tired. Back at home I was surprised to find a large package for me. My parents had sent my Christmas stocking, and a birthday present! Look at this quilt!! It was handmade by one of my mom's friends. The coloring is exactly my style, and there are little blue clovers sewn into the edges. I absolutely LOVE it!

In fact, because I wasn't feeling well, I bundled myself right up and fell asleep on the couch wrapped in it!

On Thursday I still had to get up early for some volunteer time at Audubon. They'd sent an email asking for help, and since I'm missing my volunteer time because of my Secret Activities or whatever, I felt bad and decided to step up. And what do I get for scraping rat guts off the perches and bird poop off the walls? A threat display from this vulture. C'mon man! I'm doing you a favor! ;)


Seriously though, it's easy work to do and doesn't take long. I cleaned the hawk mews and logged all of their food, then drove home to eat lunch and get changed for Ain't Misbehavin'. The show went well, and there were TONS of treats in the green room because of Valentine's Day! I had a piece of cake made by Musical Director Chris...this wasn't just any chocolate cake, it was Guinness stout chocolate cake with whiskey fudge icing! So freaking goooood

I snagged a piece for Jameson, then went to The Coop to pick up dinner as both of us were feeling tired and in no mood for eating out. Back at the house we enjoyed fried chicken and catfish, sweet potatoes in a spicy glaze, cornbread, and other goodies. As we ate we watched Bohemian Rhapsody. This was Jameson's eigth time seeing it(!) but he's a massive Queen fan so he didn't mind! It was my first time seeing it, and it was amazing. There was no one like Freddie Mercury. As Jameson said to me after we watched it, thank God he lived in a time where his music and abilities could be recorded and shared around the world. What an incredible influence on ALL of us.

On Friday I had two shows. I was supposed to go to the gym but my cold was kicking my a$$ so I skipped it in favor of extra sleep. Both shows went well. I decided to record some of my solos, for the memories.

On Saturday (today) I'm typing this in my pajamas. Just finished breakfast, and Jameson is just now eating his. In a few minutes I'll go to the gym. Jameson is going to hang out with some friends at Epcot, and I've got one Ain't Misbehavin' show today. Tonight we'll probably have a simple dinner and just enjoy each other's company :)