February 2nd, 2019

Normalcy and Job Hunting

I'll try to avoid boring you with my back-to-average life.

On Sunday Jameson and I went looking for patio furniture (his parents got us a gift card for some!) We got some ideas, but since it was pouring rain we didn't buy anything just yet. We'll wait for the sun :)

Instead we had a nice pizza from a local place. Four different mushrooms on cheese and pesto. Yum!

Then we watched RENT live. Jameson was disappointed to say the least. He's played the musical before, and apparently there were a ton of edits and cuts, many of which didn't make sense to the storyline. Personally I don't know RENT well enough to get disappointed haha. The staging was nice. Some of the "vocalists" were weak.

I don't recall doing anything special on Monday other than visiting Target. Jameson made us chicken breasts and roasted brussels sprouts, a nice healthy dinner that we've enjoyed together many times. I applied for jobs while he played Kingdom Hearts and graded his students' work. Later on we watched British Baking Championship, followed by The Good Place.

Tuesday, we decided to order the patio furniture! We also got a rug for the deck. We had a nice lunch at SusHI, then came home to rest a bit. I took some clothes to the thrift store, then bought a few things that I'll need later in the week and got ingredients for meatloaf. I made the meatloaf and we enjoyed it while watching TV and doing internet things.

Wednesday, I had volunteer work for the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey early in the morning. It went well. I'm still getting harassed by the cara caras, as you can see.


When I was finished there I got cleaned up and drove out to Apopka to interview with a pet cemetery and cremation service. You might be thinking, "That's weird and morbid". Well you know what I was thinking? "That's a job, and one of few places that has actually responded to my application". And I've worked stranger jobs than this. The interview went well and I think it would be a nice place to work. Before leaving I went out back to see the cemetery and take a few pictures.

This German Shepherd statue is to memorialize service dogs.

This was the oldest headstone I could find in the cemetery, for a dog named Bon Bon.

I drove back home and arrived just as Jameson was heading out to the gym. I want to start going to the gym too, but first I need to get this work thing settled. While he was gone I looked up some scholarships and made a few phone calls, and had some nice tea :) In the evening we ate leftovers and watched the finale of British Baking Championship together.

Thursday, I had a job interview first thing in the morning. It's with a Closed Captioning company, so there were some tests involved. First I had to read out loud, then I had to dictate a recording of someone else speaking. Next there was a typing test, followed by a spelling test. I did very well, but it was nerve-racking! I will have a phone interview with this company tomorrow.

I came back home and had some lunch before heading over to Winter Park Playhouse. The show went well. Afterward I met up with Jameson at his workplace. He and two of his coworkers wanted to try an Escape Room together! We had a quick dinner then went to the room. It was called "The Woods", and the storyline had us exploring the woods to find cryptic messages left by an astronomer who had mysteriously disappeared. Fun!

We got off to a great start. Each of us found great clues, and between our four brains we were able to complete the first room and enter the second. But right at the second-to-last clue, we got stuck. We asked our room monitor for clues, and that got us a little further, but then we hit a serious snag. A frustrating snag. An issue that had nothing at all to do with our abilities. In fact, we had the correct answer, but were unable to open the lock. We tried and tried, but after several tries we had to assume that we had somehow gotten it wrong.

In other words, we ran out of time and lost the challenge. The room monitor came in and opened the lock for us, using the combination that we'd had and tried ourselves several times. That was more than a little annoying. This is the first Escape Room I've lost and to be honest I was not pleased that the reason we lost was due to something so stupid. But, whatever. The process was fun at least, and we were a great team! Yay us!!

Friday, I had two shows to play. Jameson and I spent the morning chilling out. After my first show I came home with dinner and we ate together while watching The Good Place, then and assembled the table we'd ordered from Target for the porch. The chairs will be arriving soon too, and then we can hang out outside more often :) The evening showing of Ain't Misbehavin' went well, we got a standing ovation!

On Saturday (today) I had a nice fairly slow morning, getting tax paperwork together and making a writing sample for another interview. I went to Target for a few things, then came back home to write this blog. Later I've got two shows, and Jameson will be coming to the later one! I'm also going to have dinner at The Coop, a local Southern restaurant with chicken and waffles!

It's been a good yet frustrating week. I've had lots of job interviews, which is great, but no official offers yet. Maybe that's for the best, as February is going to be a busy month. I'm just tired of always being in limbo. For the longest time, I was able to hold every single job I had for a minimum of two years. I guess those days are gone in this economy and with my skills set...but sometimes I wish for a little stability.