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February 18th, 2018

Good and Bad

Oooooh let's see.

Monday was a pretty normal day, I think. I got something nice in the mail, a handmade coffee scoop from my hometown, made by a former classmate. It's bigger than I expected but that's great because I like my coffee strong! Haha. His shop is called That Old Thing, and he makes a lot more than just coffee scoops!

On Tuesday I got to leave work early for a performance at Epcot with Encore! We had three shows at 5:30, 6:45, and 8pm. All of them went very well. The group was much larger this time, with a 40-member orchestra and 100-voice choir! Wow! Here is a video of a whole show:

Some photos from the event. We had a lot of fun. I enjoy playing with this group.

(photo courtesy Daniel L)

(photo courtesy Encore)

(photos courtesy Mike Thomas Imagery)

And I really enjoy getting to play a gig with my Jameson! Our styles of music are so different, I figured after the circus ended we'd just go our separate ways musically. It's great that so soon afterward we were able to enjoy being on stage together again <3 Cam (cello) took this picture of us as we were preparing for the first concert. Isn't Jameson handsome!!

After the final show we packed up and stuck around to see the Epcot fireworks show. It was awesome.
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