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February 4th, 2018

Adventures with Jameson

Hmm, let's see.

Monday, normal. I went to work. Jameson went to rehearsal. For once I didn't have anything scheduled at night so I spent it enjoying a little down time and making to-do lists.

Tuesday, more of the same. There's really nothing interesting to say about work at the moment. The big excitement was getting access to the company gym, and getting an oil change during the lunch break. After work both Jameson and I had rehearsals, so we didn't see each other until late.

Wednesday...more of the same. After work Jameson and I had pizza and salad, and played The Room: Old Sins until Jameson had to teach his online courses. Have you played The Room games? They're just so stinkin' awesome. If you love puzzle games, mysterious-looking boxes, and gorgeous game design, you really need to check this series out.

On Thursday...you guessed it, more work. Jameson was at the office today, so after we were done he offered to take me to dinner. He's such a sweetheart...I am lucky <3 He took me to Tibby's, a restaurant known for NOLA food. Especially the po'boys. I got an oyster po'boy with the house remoulade, while Jameson went for a chicken-and-waffle sandwich that looked fantastic and tasted even better. The food and the atmosphere were great, just what we both needed after a stale old work week :)

Finally Friday came. I went to work expecting another day of fretting at my desk.

Look at this!! Our department has a "fun committee" that decorates employees' desks on their birthdays! Balloons hanging from the ceiling, happy birthday signage, confetti EVERYWHERE. How nice!!

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